She's gonna blow!


I typed in the above title and my spell checker underlined it, meaning that it does not recognize the word.

Do you know what it is?

OK, I correctly predicted Trump's victory.

Here's my next prediction:  A year from now, spell check will NOT underline PIZZAGATE.  In other words, we will all know what it is.

If you are not familiar with it.  Google it.  Check it out on you tube.  Make a note how many stories you see relating to it.  Check it again in a week and see how many more stories you see.

I've been keeping up with this since it first broke with the Anthony Wiener laptop/email revelations.  It's been growing geometrically, ever since.

Too much there to be nothing,  This has the potential to be the biggest story in decades, and there is a good chance that many well known people are going to be in serious trouble.

Don't look to the MSM to be reporting on it any time soon.  Many of their friends are involved.  You're going to have to listen to the likes of Alex Jones to get any info on it right now.

By the time the MSM gets around to reporting on it, Alex Jones will have gone from conspiracy theorist to credible investigative journalist and any credibility the MSM may still have had after reporting on the 2016 presidential election, will be gone.

You'll know this is real when you start hearing about people connected with it, going on extended "vacations" to foreign lands.


  1. It does now, Neil. When I typed it in it gave me links to numerous liberal fake news sites where dog fights had broken out in the comments with posters for and against.

    I agree with you on this completely and have cross posted this one over at my blog if that is okay with you. Scott Adams disagrees but I think you have the better of him.

    1. For years now, the left has forced us to accept things that only a few generations ago, would have been considered unacceptable. Many of us on the other side said that they actually had a much more sinister agenda than they were willing to admit to. The left wanted to create a world where they could do anything they wanted, no matter how immoral, and enslave all the rest of us in the process. Few people took us seriously, until now. The left has finally overstepped the boundaries of public acceptance, and it is amazing how brazen and overt they have been about it. This has always been right there, out in the open. All we had to do is look, and many of us finally have. The left's cockiness about such things has made it impossible for them to sweep it under the rug.

      The MSM will first attempt to make this whole thing go away by ignoring it. When that fails, they will attempt to discredit those who have been exposing it. This might have worked for them if they hadn't burned up all of their own credibility trying to get Hillary elected. There's nothing they can do now. This things going to grow on it's own, just like the thing on the movie "The Blob", devouring everyone who had a part in it. (Good Blob, good blob, good boy!!! - and there ain't gonna be no Steve McQueen character to come to their rescue.)

    2. And, for a few years now, the Left has been doing all it can to "normalize" pedophilia. They have been working to remove it from the DSM V (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, used in psychiatry and psychology) so that it is no longer considered a disorder. After that has been accomplished, they will try to have the laws against pedophilia repealed or simply struck down.

    3. You are so right! You know, the left has done this before, with other stuff. Back then, social conservatives said, "If we allow the left to have its way here, the next thing you know, they'll be promoting pedophilia." The "educated elite" said the social conservative were just fear mongering reactionary, old fools. Well guess what. It turns out that the social conservatives were right! Come to think of it, it's starting to look like the social conservatives were right about just about everything. Who woulda thunk? Those social conservatives were smart old birds. It's too bad more people didn't listen to them.

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    1. There's just too much there to be nothing. Too many people are involved.

      Either someone doing some independent investigation is going to find some hard evidence, enough to get the authorities involved, or, sooner or later one of the people involved in this is going to feel that they have been mistreated (for whatever reason) by another who is also involved. In order to get even, the first person will spill the beans about what has been going on to the authorities and the whole thing is going to blow up right there.

      I could see this whole thing quite down for awhile, after curious onlookers get bored with it, but it's not going to go away.

      Be on the lookout for people who have been identified as being part of it, leaving the country on extended vacations, or keeping a low profile rather than attacking their accusers. That will mean that they know the heat is on.

  5. Here's another one

    It seems like a lot of people are still mining information about this whole pedo ring.

    1. Gotta be true, since the MSM is now referring to it as fake.

  6. Gotta be true, since the MSM is now referring to it as fake.