Not Very Often Trumpers

To start with, I hate "Never Trumpers" - More than I hate liberals.  The liberals are supposed to malign Trump.  They're on the other side, and they would have been every bit as much malicious if Cruz, Rubio, or anyone else would have won the Republican nomination.  Remember how they treated Romney, McCain, Dole, etc.?
So you see, Never Trumpers, we didn't need you.  We already had the Democrats to do that.

Fortunately, most of the Never Trumpers have been discredited due to their incorrect predictions and false narratives ((See Bluto's list.) and have faded away, but there remains a group, almost as vile, waiting for any chance to discredit the president elect.  I wish I could say that these people were just another bunch of numb skull liberals, but they're not.  At least they say they're not.  

These people claim to be conservatives.  They say their the real conservatives and their beef with Trump is that he isn't a real conservative.  They view themselves as conservative purists.  They like to think of themselves as intellectually superior to Trump supporters.  Many of them even voted for Trump, but they did so grudgingly, more as a vote against Hillary. So, they're not Never Trumpers, they're something else.  What should I call them?   How about "Not Very Often Trumpers"?  

While I am thankful that many of them did vote against Hillary, I still have a problem with them.  They're easy to spot.  They tend to talk or write very smugly, certain they know better than our new president every time he makes a move.

I got news for you, all you Not Very Often Trumpers.  You're not as smart as you think you are.  I've had to listen to you for a year and a half, telling me how he wasn't going to survive through the fall of 2015, how he wasn't going to win any primaries, how there would be a contested convention, and how he was never going to beat Hillary.  You know something about all those (and many other) things?  You were wrong.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!

What do you think being wrong that often, for that long a period of time, and that consistently, has done to your credibility?  Obviously, you haven't stopped for a moment to think about it.  Have you?  Why should any of the rest of us listen to anything have to say?

Even worse, all this time, and even now, you're Helping the Democrats.  What the f**k are you doing?   STOP IT ALREADY!!!!  What are you doing it for?  So if things go badly for Trump (and thus America), you can say that you were right all along?  Is that really worth that much to you?

Do you honestly think any of the other republican candidates could have done better?  Trump BEAT all of them in the primaries.  If that's not enough for you, remember Romney, McCain, and Dole?  How'd they do?  Maybe it's time to consider that Trump didn't win in spite of the things you didn't like about him, but because of the things you didn't like about him.  

Trump's not a real conservative.  Trump can be rude, crude, and obnoxious.  Big deal.  He won, and he's the only Republican who could have won.  It's going to be a lot easier for America to move towards your conservative purist goals with Trump than Hillary in office.

Every negative thing you say about Trump, I have heard earlier form some liberal pundit or liberal web site.  Just like liberals, you are incapable of original thought.

Maybe you should all shut up for awhile and see how things pan out.  Maybe, Probably, Almost certainly, Donald Trump is smarter than you are.  Whenever you second guess him, it makes me all the more confident that he is correct.

Since you Not Very Often Trumpers are so similar to liberals that you are actually doing their work for them, maybe you could learn something from them.  Liberals support their guy no matter what.  Even Bernie campaigned for Hillary.

  When you think about it,Trump did an even more incredible job than he got credit for, seeing he only had lukewarm support from millions who should have been solidly on his side.  Imagine how much larger his victory might have been if everyone who voted Republican would have been fervent Trump supporters from the get-go?   We probably wouldn't even be hearing about how Hillary won the popular vote.  (Untrue, if you discount illegal aliens voting and other types of vote fraud, but still threatens to haunt his presidency.  Thanks, Not Very Often Trumpers.)

So the next time any of you get the urge to repeat any of the liberal's talking points, step back, and give it a rest.  There is no way you can make anything any better for anyone, (except liberals) by trashing Trump.


  1. Hey Neil,

    I remember getting into it with a "purist", this person commented that they were going to vote for Hillary because they could rally the party around Hillary and defeat her. My response was "We saw that on how well that worked with Obama, y'all got elected to congress to stop Obama's agenda and instead cowered in fear because the media might say some unkind things about you and call you "racist". So in the name of ideological purity you are going to shaft the GOP nominee. And if Hillary wins, y'all would be just as spineless because you would be called "Sexist".by the same media that is in the tank for Hillary. Y'all don't get it, Trump isn't afraid of the PC movement and that is what we need.

    1. I dislike all forms of purists. Being a purist means that you are unable to adapt as your environment changes. What happens to a species that is unable to adapt?

  2. Sadly, Trump is no Ron Paul in a number of ways, but for now I'm happy with his destruction of the PC nonsense. If you are a Christian or a conservative, you can expect not to be attacked by the government. With business interests in many parts of the worlds, I guess we can expect those places not to be bombed. :LOL:

    But I hope he implements that Bush II 'humble foreign policy' discreetly somehow. We will have to hold some feet to the fire. I'm sure there will be many things I don't like from Trump, but I can't stand four more years of this.

    MrGarabaldi's comment above is spot on. It gave me such joy to see the libtards crying the next day and many of them still are. I would hate to be in a war right now with that kind of backup.

  3. Here's where we're at. Four years from now, if Trump fails, we will all feel better about ourselves if we can say "We supported him every way we knew how." than living with thought, "Maybe, if we would just had supported him, he could succeeded at making America great again." What sense can it possibly make to contribute to his failure - even in the smallest way?

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