"Excuse me, excuse me...

...we're not done being wrong yet."
says virtually every liberal in the world.

Now, I'm not sadistic enough to suggest that you view this entire video clip, but watch it for at least couple of minutes.

Do you ever wonder why liberals hold on to such failed ideas as socialism, big government, etc, despite mountains of evidence that discredit them?

I didn't have to use this video for an example.  I could have used any video of any liberal running his or her mouths in the recent past.

The results of the recent election should have been obvious to anyone, but the obvious has no effect on liberals.  Adherence to their ideology overwhelms any desire they may have to be correct.

Looking back at the campaign season, they should easily be able to see the multitude of times they have been proven wrong, yet they remain hell bent on maintaining  their course, direction, and speed.

Maybe you should watch that entire video  (as well as any others where liberals predict future Trump failures). and make a mental note of what they say.

They're not done being wrong yet, and it will be some good humor to point out in the near future (with proof due to the outcomes), all the things that they are currently being wrong about right now.

Liberals are incapable of learning, yet they are in charge of our education system, producing another generation of people just like them.

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