What will they say if it becomes undeniable?

It's one thing to deny something that is singular and involves you and you alone.  In such a cases, it usually becomes  matter of "your word against theirs".  Chances are, your word will win out, unless there is a mountain of evidence against you.

It's quite another thing to deny something that has come up several times in the past, is an issue at this very moment, and could very well be even worse in the near future.

The mainstream media is taking a big risk in categorically denying that Hillary has any health problems.  I'm not a doctor, but I have seen some people's health deteriorate incredibly rapidly.  I'm not saying that Hillary is ill, but I'm not saying that is not outside the realm of possibility either.

What is the MSM going to say if Hillary's health does start to go rapidly downhill? - That they didn't know what they were talking about last week, but they do now?

If her health does obviously begin to fail, Trump should start to really turn up the heat on the issue.  Predictably, the MSM will accuse Trump of being mean.  Trump could then respond, "What are you talking about?  A few days ago, you were telling everyone that she was just fine."

What would the MSM say then? 

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