Cheap Crappy Chinese Parts

I haven't been posting recently because the letter A key and the number 2 key stopped working on my computer.  Wife's not home tonight, so I'm using her's.

Here's what's happened since my last post:

I still think Trump's gonna win.  More now than ever, since it appears that Hillary's nervous system seems to be failing.

I finally broke down and got a smart phone.  It's pretty cool.  It can take pictures and everything. Here's the first photo I took with it:

"What's that?", you ask.  It's a head gasket that failed after being installed less than one year ago on my Honda Civic.  See the four small holes between the two highest cylinder holes?

I bought that gasket on line at Amazon.  I couldn't believe how cheap it was.  Now I know why.  Replacing it with a Felpro and never using cheap Chinese head gaskets again.

OK, so why after all this time, did I break down and get a cell phone?

I going to so something I never do - travel.  My stepson's getting married in Las Vegas, so I figured as long as I'm in the area, I'd go see what I was talking about in my last two posts, in person.

Figured a smart phone would come in handy with the GPS, and now, I'll be able to take pictures, look up local attractions, find motels, etc.

If I can, I going to try to take a picture from the exact same vantage point as the picture in the previous posts.  Maybe a selfie.

More to come if and when I have any time.


  1. That picture taking feature can save your ass sometimes in a way that you wouldn't think of right away.
    Have a part in a tight spot somewhere that has an ID plate on it you can't read?
    Snake your phone in front of it and take a picture of it. Then you can expand that picture to easily read the numbers.
    We have to do that all the time at work.
    Take that concept and run with it.
    I'm like you, I didn't break down and get one of these smart phones until mine took a dump last year.
    They are the shit though, a miniature super computer.

  2. Thnks for the tip. Now I've got to get new computer too, becuse my letter key nd my number keys don't work. Will be bck posting when I get new computer.