Now that Ted's Out

It's time for all you #nevertrump pricks to shut up and fall in line.
You, I, and everyone else knows, that you'd expect the same from us Trump supporters if it was Trump dropping out.

Just for the record.  I don't recall saying anything negative about any of the other Republican candidates since this whole thing started.  Why?  Because I'm not an idiot.  Most of those other candidates were just fine.  I just thought Trump was more the right candidate for the time, but I also knew that a Trump nomination was not a guarantee, and  I didn't want to paint myself into a corner. However, even if I would have painted myself into a corner, I would have been man enough to admit I was wrong and support whoever the Republican candidate was for the good of this country.

Do you think George Will (and others like him) and here in Wisconsin, the conservative talk radio show hosts, will be men enough to do the same?  It's not looking like it.


source: Politico

Ted Cruz drops out of presidential race

'With a heavy heart but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign,' Cruz says.

Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race on Tuesday night, ending one of the best-organized campaigns of 2016 after a series of stinging defeats left Donald Trump as the only candidate capable of clinching the nomination outright.

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Don't worry about Hillary.  Trump can take care of Hillary.  (Hasn't he easily taken care of everyone who has opposed him so far?)

As Trump supporters, we must start directing pressure on the holdouts for a lost cause.  A cause that does no one any good except for the Democrats.

The anti-Trump crowd is now desperate.  Expect them to say increasingly incredible things as time goes on.

So far, they have predicted and been wrong about:
  • Trumps polling numbers
           - he will never get above 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%.  They have since given up on that.

           - his numbers will never be higher than that of his rivals combined.  They were wrong on that.

  • How long his candidacy would last
          - He will implode and fade away by August, September, October, November, December, January.  They finally gave up on that one too.

More recently they have been predicting:
  • He will never be the Republican nominee
            - he will not get 1237 delegates

             - there will be a brokered convention and he will not emerge as the nominee

It's looking more and more certain that neither of these things are going to happen.

They're still holding on to:
  • Trump cannot beat Hillary in the general election
We'll see about that.  None of the Trump/Hillary head to head polls up until this point have meant anything, because Trump wasn't running against Hillary.  Any match-up between the two was purely hypothetical.  We all know that people answer differently to the hypothetical than the actual.  Mark my words, by summer, any talk of Trump not having a chance against Hillary will have long since ceased.

Now the anti-Trump crowd has cooked up some wild, far-fetched scenario where Trump causes all other Republicans to be wiped out. 

Just because George Will and others stupid enough to listen to him, say that Trump will lose every state and bring scores of Republicans down with him, doesn't mean that it will happen.  If anything, it almost assures that it won't.  These guys have been wrong so many times in the past year.

Trump can take care of Hillary.  As Trump supporters, we need to be turning up the heat on those who should now be enthusiastically on our side.  Call their shows, comment on their articles.  Let them know they are among a rapidly shrinking minority, and we can do without any more damage they may be trying to cause.


  1. You called this many months ago.

    1. You may want to know my secret. It's simple. Just listen to Wisconsin conservative talk radio show hosts, and take the opposite position. For the past year, this formula has never failed.

  2. I agree. These same jagoffs that wanted us to ´fall in´ behind Dole, McCain and Romney against our objections better judgement should man-up. Trump is a damn sight better than any of those RINOs.

    1. The Republicans have been so terrible at producing decent candidates in the past decades,that any one would be an improvement over whoever they could ever come up with. They should be thanking their lucky stars that Trump decided to run as a Republican.