And the Wisconsin Conservative Talk Radio Show Hosts are Wrong Again

I just can't tell you how much I am loving this.

Why don't they just cut their losses and admit that they were wrong?

source:  The Last Refuge

National Poll – Trump Dominates With “Independent Voters”: Donald Trump 46%, Hillary Clinton 30%…

It is worthwhile looking at the breakout of “Independent Voters” within the latest Fox News National Poll.  – DATA HERE –

Independent voters (the largest growing segment of the registered electorate), and Monster Voters (newly registered previous non-voters), will absolutely determine the next President:
2 candidate trump vs clinton - Independent - Fox News National May 18
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They said that Trump will never poll higher than Clinton.  Well look at that, and Trump's just getting started.  I know that anything can happen, but so far, it looks like Trump just might be able to do away with Clinton, just as he did with his Republican rivals.

I was wondering what the Wisconsin conservative talk radio show hosts were going to do, now that they have painted themselves into a corner.   

Well, Charlie Sykes chose the route of being an idiot (Never Trump, even when he's kicking ass).  It looks like Belling and Weber are going the worm route.  They are squirming and wiggling ever so slowly, trying to change their previous positions at a extremely slow rate, hoping no one will notice.

 If Trump defeats Clinton this November, they will as a group, have been wrong about more things in a period of about 15 months than any group of people I can think of.

And... AND, I will have been Right about most of the things I said about Trump during the same period of time.  Maybe they should fire one of those guys and put me in his place.  


  1. Yes you have Neil, and thank God for that!

    I think Trump is going to STOMP Hillary in the election unless she can find a way to slip a skeleton or a corpse into his closet.

  2. Trump crushing Hillary AND the #nevertrump people being proven wrong with EVERY prediction they made - all at the same time. What could be better than that?