When this happens here

It will be because the only man who expressed any interest in actually doing something to prevent it, had his campaign derailed by members of his own party, and the blame will lie squarely with them.
source: Gateway Pundit

Muslims March in Germany Chanting “With Allah’s Help, We Shall Conquer You” (VIDEO)

They seem to be assimilating quite well, no?
Muslims march down a German street chanting, “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer you!”
I'll be the first to admit that Trump isn't perfect, but he is the only one committed to making the problems that we can actually solve, a priority.
We absolutely can build a wall on our southern border.
We absolutely can put a stop to immigration (Both legal and illegal.), and resume sensible immigration policies once we get things sorted out.
If we don't get these two things taken care of, nothing else is going to matter.
A financial collapse is looming above our heads.  We must address these issues before it occurs. 
 We're running out of time. To anyone who understand this, most of the criticism of Trump is irrelevant.   

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