Quitcher bitchin', Bernie Supporters

The argument can be made that Bernie Sanders and his supporters have worked hard for the Democratic Nomination while Hillary and her supporters have just laid back and expected that she will just win the nomination without doing any hard work at all.  

With Bernie winning state primaries while Hillary picks up super delegates, it appears that that is exactly what is going to happen.

This seems to be irritating Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

Why?  Isn't what's happening to Bernie exactly what he wants to have happen to the citizens of this country?  Take from those who have worked harder (or been luckier, if you prefer), and give to those who have not worked as hard (or have not been as lucky, if you prefer)?  Isn't that socialism?

Quitcher Bitchin'!  Hillary deserves those super delegates simply because she didn't work as hard (or wasn't as lucky, if you prefer) as Bernie.  If any of you don't agree with that, perhaps you should be rethinking this whole socialism thing.

P.S.  Maybe all you Bernie Supporters should vote Trump.  The anti-Trump conservatives say he's a socialist anyway.

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