Trump will win the general election.

Many conservative pundits and talk show hosts are trying to scare people into believing that Trump can't win the 2016 presidential election.  The truth is, he can't lose.


  1. He is going to win enough delegates to win the Republican nomination.  All the talk about a brokered convention is just a desperate distraction by the GOPe.
  2. Republican voter turnout is up, Democrat voter turnout is down.   Make sure to click on the video below.  

       3. Hillary and Bernie have locked themselves into running against building a wall.  Any candidate who runs against building a wall on the Mexican border is going to lose.  It's that simple.


  1. I think also - all the dirty tricks and hoaxes are pissing folks off too.
    That reporter that was supposedly assaulted in a room full of cameras - turned out to be a nudge as one of Trump's advisors tried to push through the crowd. Those douche nozzles in Chicago flying Mexican flags after they shut down Trumps rally would smoke any American that holds the First Amendment in any regard.

    Trump as an excellent choice in enemies, I hate the media, the social justice warriors and the socialists with the heat of a thousand suns. My fear is that it's obvious Trump will not play ball with them...and they will assassinate him to get rid of him. All the dirty tricks they've pulled so far have only strengthened his position.

    1. I have considered everything I can think of and I keep coming back to this - Hillary has chosen to run against building a wall. Trump's running on building a wall. Everyone but the far left wants a wall and they know that this is their last chance to get it.