Using a 1969 Camaro to Explain Why I Support Trump

Let's say this represents our ideal image of America:

Even people with only the slightest idea of what it takes to produce this image in real life, understand it is going to require this:

Decades of Democrat control of the Senate, years of Democrat control of the House, and over seven years of Obama, have made the image of America appear like this:

Now, simply doing this... this... not going to produce the desired results, and will even be counter productive.

Before you can do this... must do things like this...

...and this...

...or you will never have any hope of getting to this:

Now, let's just say that Cruz, Rubio, or any other Republican candidate would be better than Trump at this... doesn't matter, because Trump is the only candidate who can do this:

This will be costly and appear to the uninformed to have no immediate benefit and even be harmful.  Detractors in the media will be more than willing to reinforce such beliefs on a daily basis.

It's going to take some with a lot of backbone, someone who can withstand constant criticism to pull it off.

It's also going to take someone who understands that we do not have the money to do this by conventional means.  We need someone who can think outside of the box and get results without adding to our existing mountain of debt.

 Trump has proven over and over again that he can do such a thing.  His "build a wall and have Mexico pay for it" is just one example of such thinking.  His completion of the skating rink in New York is a real world example where it happened.

So come on all you anti-Trump conservatives, let Trump get America to this stage...

...and after he serves his term(s) and gets it there, I will be in full support of whatever candidate you are backing at that time.


I won't even care if you guys want it to end up looking like this...'s close enough for me.


  1. The sad thing is even Trump manages to do that per your picture points, they will probably f'it up in less than a decade and get us going backwards again.

    I've been laughing at the dopes who whine about Trump not being a 'conservative' but they were okay with Northeastern liberal Republican douche of Romney who was bad on healthcare anyway and fairly anti-gun.

    1. No shit. It seems like I always agree with what you say.

  2. For the conservatards out there: Yes, we better vote for whatever establishment douche Team R gives us. I mean, we might get screwed on gun rights, abortion, expansion of government.

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    1. The Republican establishment refuses to acknowledge the obvious fact that they are one of the main causes of Trump's popularity.