A Christmas Special

This post is a rerun, but a good rerun.  Maybe I'll run it every year, like they do with Rudolph.
Saturday, December 5, 2015

Let's take a break from all the political stuff

Time for a Christmas Story

It’s strange how memories work.  I’m closing in on being 20,000 days old, and most of what happened on any of those days is long since forgotten, yet still there’s some things I’ll always remember.

Drudge Report headline they could use every day until they ran out of words

Lonely men more likely to have sex with ______.

Sounds like a line where Gene Rayburn would ask the panelists to fill the blank in on the old Match Game show.

In this case it's robots, but it just as easily could have been:

  • fat chicks
  • ugly chicks
  • fucked up chicks
  • chicks that are really dudes
  • family members
  • whores
  • dogs
  • pigs
  • goats
  • sheep
  • etc

Pearl Harbor Day

Always take time to remember Pearl Harbor and the Americans who were there.  Those who were willing to give everything, so we can be free.  You don't have to wait until December 7th to do so, and you should remember them more often than once a year.

She's gonna blow!


I typed in the above title and my spell checker underlined it, meaning that it does not recognize the word.

Do you know what it is?

OK, I correctly predicted Trump's victory.

Here's my next prediction:  A year from now, spell check will NOT underline PIZZAGATE.  In other words, we will all know what it is.

If you are not familiar with it.  Google it.  Check it out on you tube.  Make a note how many stories you see relating to it.  Check it again in a week and see how many more stories you see.

I've been keeping up with this since it first broke with the Anthony Wiener laptop/email revelations.  It's been growing geometrically, ever since.

Too much there to be nothing,  This has the potential to be the biggest story in decades, and there is a good chance that many well known people are going to be in serious trouble.

Don't look to the MSM to be reporting on it any time soon.  Many of their friends are involved.  You're going to have to listen to the likes of Alex Jones to get any info on it right now.

By the time the MSM gets around to reporting on it, Alex Jones will have gone from conspiracy theorist to credible investigative journalist and any credibility the MSM may still have had after reporting on the 2016 presidential election, will be gone.

You'll know this is real when you start hearing about people connected with it, going on extended "vacations" to foreign lands.


Watch this video from the 3:00 to the 3:10 mark.  He says the most incredibly stupid thing.  The thing is, this guy's not stupid.  I have watched a lot of his videos.  He usually seems to know what he's talking about, but here, he's suggesting that people tempt the grim reaper.  

The fact that the wheels are still on the ground means nothing.  There's still  about 90% of the weight of the front of that car coming down to crush you if that jack fails.   If the bottom of that car was about 8" off of the ground before it was jacked up, there is going to be about 8" of clearance once the jack is lowered, fails, slides out. tips over, or whatever.  Unless you body is less than 8" thick, you're gonna get crushed.  Even if the crush doesn't kill you, you will be unable to breath with 1000 lbs. on your chest.  Ask anyone who's ever done it with a fat chick on top.

Not Very Often Trumpers

To start with, I hate "Never Trumpers" - More than I hate liberals.  The liberals are supposed to malign Trump.  They're on the other side, and they would have been every bit as much malicious if Cruz, Rubio, or anyone else would have won the Republican nomination.  Remember how they treated Romney, McCain, Dole, etc.?
So you see, Never Trumpers, we didn't need you.  We already had the Democrats to do that.

Fortunately, most of the Never Trumpers have been discredited due to their incorrect predictions and false narratives ((See Bluto's list.) and have faded away, but there remains a group, almost as vile, waiting for any chance to discredit the president elect.  I wish I could say that these people were just another bunch of numb skull liberals, but they're not.  At least they say they're not.  

These people claim to be conservatives.  They say their the real conservatives and their beef with Trump is that he isn't a real conservative.  They view themselves as conservative purists.  They like to think of themselves as intellectually superior to Trump supporters.  Many of them even voted for Trump, but they did so grudgingly, more as a vote against Hillary. So, they're not Never Trumpers, they're something else.  What should I call them?   How about "Not Very Often Trumpers"?  

While I am thankful that many of them did vote against Hillary, I still have a problem with them.  They're easy to spot.  They tend to talk or write very smugly, certain they know better than our new president every time he makes a move.

I got news for you, all you Not Very Often Trumpers.  You're not as smart as you think you are.  I've had to listen to you for a year and a half, telling me how he wasn't going to survive through the fall of 2015, how he wasn't going to win any primaries, how there would be a contested convention, and how he was never going to beat Hillary.  You know something about all those (and many other) things?  You were wrong.  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!

What do you think being wrong that often, for that long a period of time, and that consistently, has done to your credibility?  Obviously, you haven't stopped for a moment to think about it.  Have you?  Why should any of the rest of us listen to anything have to say?

Even worse, all this time, and even now, you're Helping the Democrats.  What the f**k are you doing?   STOP IT ALREADY!!!!  What are you doing it for?  So if things go badly for Trump (and thus America), you can say that you were right all along?  Is that really worth that much to you?

Do you honestly think any of the other republican candidates could have done better?  Trump BEAT all of them in the primaries.  If that's not enough for you, remember Romney, McCain, and Dole?  How'd they do?  Maybe it's time to consider that Trump didn't win in spite of the things you didn't like about him, but because of the things you didn't like about him.  

Trump's not a real conservative.  Trump can be rude, crude, and obnoxious.  Big deal.  He won, and he's the only Republican who could have won.  It's going to be a lot easier for America to move towards your conservative purist goals with Trump than Hillary in office.

Every negative thing you say about Trump, I have heard earlier form some liberal pundit or liberal web site.  Just like liberals, you are incapable of original thought.

Maybe you should all shut up for awhile and see how things pan out.  Maybe, Probably, Almost certainly, Donald Trump is smarter than you are.  Whenever you second guess him, it makes me all the more confident that he is correct.

Since you Not Very Often Trumpers are so similar to liberals that you are actually doing their work for them, maybe you could learn something from them.  Liberals support their guy no matter what.  Even Bernie campaigned for Hillary.

  When you think about it,Trump did an even more incredible job than he got credit for, seeing he only had lukewarm support from millions who should have been solidly on his side.  Imagine how much larger his victory might have been if everyone who voted Republican would have been fervent Trump supporters from the get-go?   We probably wouldn't even be hearing about how Hillary won the popular vote.  (Untrue, if you discount illegal aliens voting and other types of vote fraud, but still threatens to haunt his presidency.  Thanks, Not Very Often Trumpers.)

So the next time any of you get the urge to repeat any of the liberal's talking points, step back, and give it a rest.  There is no way you can make anything any better for anyone, (except liberals) by trashing Trump.

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

What were catch-22 situations referred to as before the book "Catch-22" was written?

People couldn't have referred to them as catch-22 situations since the author hadn't written the book yet, but the author couldn't have written the book until he experienced his catch-22 situation.  Hmmmm, that sounds kind of like a catch-22 situation.

"Excuse me, excuse me...

...we're not done being wrong yet."
says virtually every liberal in the world.

Now, I'm not sadistic enough to suggest that you view this entire video clip, but watch it for at least couple of minutes.

Do you ever wonder why liberals hold on to such failed ideas as socialism, big government, etc, despite mountains of evidence that discredit them?

I didn't have to use this video for an example.  I could have used any video of any liberal running his or her mouths in the recent past.

The results of the recent election should have been obvious to anyone, but the obvious has no effect on liberals.  Adherence to their ideology overwhelms any desire they may have to be correct.

Looking back at the campaign season, they should easily be able to see the multitude of times they have been proven wrong, yet they remain hell bent on maintaining  their course, direction, and speed.

Maybe you should watch that entire video  (as well as any others where liberals predict future Trump failures). and make a mental note of what they say.

They're not done being wrong yet, and it will be some good humor to point out in the near future (with proof due to the outcomes), all the things that they are currently being wrong about right now.

Liberals are incapable of learning, yet they are in charge of our education system, producing another generation of people just like them.

So, You think you got it all figured out, do ya?

I saw this video at Real Revo.  Watch it.  This guy thinks he's got it all figured out.

While he has come a long way in understanding, he still doesn't see the big picture which is:  By definition, conservative ideas cannot be defeated by the left by the use of reason and logic.  That is why the left must always resort to lies, insults, and name calling, and that is why the left will never retire these tactics.

Unspeakable Acts

Whenever the subjects of Charles Manson, Jeffery Dahmer, and the like come up, I start thinking - These men were undoubtedly evil people, but they certainly were not the worst people to ever exist on the planet.  I wonder who was the worst, most evil  person to ever exist on earth?  We will almost certainly never know.  The worst person to ever exist was probably so good at being evil, that he managed to escape detection.

It's all too easy to give the title "Worst, most evil person to ever exist" to the likes of Hitler, Stalin, or Mao but these people were merely leaders of tyrannical governments.  All leaders of tyrannical governments practice the same type of evil to some extent, but none of them could have ever pulled off what they do/did on their own, and they could have never pulled off what they do/did if they were leaders of free societies.  That takes the help of millions of willing (and unwilling) accomplices and the power to silence all who disagree.  The form of government they led, was more evil than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, themselves.    This paragraph alone is reason enough to actively reject all forms of authoritarian government.

OK, so when you take tyrannical leaders out of the mix, who was the most evil person ever?  As I said earlier, we probably will never know, BUT we may just find out who were the most evil people to ever be exposed, IF Trump makes good on his promise to do a little digging.

Check out this video at It Ain't Holy Water.   Who knows how far and deep this evil goes?

Who called it over a year ago?

The Golden Geese, baby!  I knew it all along!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sticking My Neck Out

Barring some unexpected game changing event...

Donald Trump will win the 2016 presidential election.
Why?  I just got done watching tonight’s Democratic debate and not once did I hear even one mention of our national debt.  In addition, all of candidates were pro-immigration which is a losing issue, regardless of what anyone may tell you.  About the only things any of the Democratic candidates talked about involved spending government taxpayer money (giving away free shit), letting criminals roam free on our streets and taking away our right to defend ourselves from them, or fantasy foreign policy where a country that no longer has a reputation for strength and resolve has any leverage in bargaining with tyrants.

I will continue to pound on this issue until virtually everyone agrees with me.

I have said over and over that Tesla cars are stupid, overpriced pieces of shit.

Even if you have already read this, read it again.  It's my favorite thing that I have ever written.

Now, read this:

source: Mashable

Battery explosion turns crashed Tesla into a massive fireball

After crashing into a tree, a Tesla Model S violently burst into flames causing cells from its lithium-ion battery to explode.

Emergency Action Required!!!!!

Not enough celebrities leaving country after Trump's victory!  We must find a way to more of them go away!

I thought for sure, Trump winning the election would do the trick, but alas, according to The Daily Wire, only 17 of them have made their intentions to expatriate public, after the Donald gets elected next Tuesday. 

  • Lena Dunham - Who'd take her?
  • Samuel L. Jackson - I wish I was black, so I could say that I hate him without being called a racist.
  • Miley Cyrus - Why not just go back to being Hannah Montana?
  • Cher - Cher who?  Please provide last name.
  • Jon Stewart - What is he going to do?  Move to Canada and then make a living being anti-Canadian?
  • Raven Symone - Who?
  • Natasha Lyonne - Again, who?
  • Omari Hardwick - No, really, who?
  • Spike Lee - Spike's a dog's name.
  • ChloĆ« Sevigny w - h- o ?
  • Eddie Griffin - I know this guy.  The dude on Family Guy, right?  How can a cartoon character leave the country?
  • George Lopez - Probably here illegally anyway.
  • Al Sharpton - Now, who's gonna care if he leaves?
  • Neve Campbell - Gotta go with "who" again.
  • Rosie O'Donnell - Thatta mean a few million more votes for Trump right there.
  • Whoopi Goldberg - Whoopie
  • Chelsea Handler I've heard of her.  That's about it.  Just to see if I some dumb, uninformed, backwoods, fuck, I asked several people who she was.  The only responses I got was - "Who?"
Y'all better not renege!!!!!

Only seventeen? That's not nearly enough!!!!!!  For years, I have been trying to figure out a way to get rid of these pesky celebrities, but nothing I've tried, ever seems to work.  If anyone knows of any other tactics that might be effective, please let me know.

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton and entourage in police custody

Arrested in jet on tarmac while attempting to flee country.

Oh, sorry, that's Tomorrow's news.

The Ghosts of Christmas Presents Past

I want you all to think of all the toys you ever got.  For Christmas, for your birthday, or whatever.

You may not recall receiving some of your earliest toys as gifts or even playing with them, but there's a good chance you remember the toys themselves.  Perhaps they were handed down to a younger brother, sister, or cousin, or maybe they just got stashed away in a attic or basement and your mother mentioned that they once belonged to you.  Whether you remember actually playing with them or not, chances are that the last time you remember seeing them, they were in perfectly usable condition.  Baby toys are the most durable of all toys.  Often such toys are saved for children of the next generation.

Now, I want you to think about your favorite toy you ever had.  Chances are:

  • It wasn't anything like the toys in the pictures above.
  • It wasn't a baby toy.
  • You received near the end of the period of your life in which you played with toys.
  • It was relatively expensive.
  • It was relatively complex.
My favorite toy I ever received was a remote controlled cane like the ones used in shipyards.

That thing was awesome.  It gave me weeks of enjoyment, but alas, one by one, the buttons on the remote controller started to fail.  By Easter, it was useless.  I couldn't bear to throw it away.  Not right away anyway.  That summer, my mom took care of the sad deed for me.  It was kind of like burying a pet.

All of this is just my long winded saying that complexity and durability are inversely related.

Well duh, who doesn't know that?

Ooooh, it's been along time since we've heard from you, Mr. Liberal who speaks in italics, and this isn't even a political subject.

Anyway, I sure that almost everyone is aware of it.  I just don't think that most people appreciate it.

Mark my words, the computers, the internet, cell phones are not going to be around forever, and most of you reading this will live to see it happen.

How is it going to happen?  I don't know.  There are dozens of possibilities.  This post I saw at The Real Revo (Great blog except for they don't like Trump) explains one possibility.

Another possibility is (what I feel is) the certain upcoming financial collapse, as either the cause or result of it.

My point is that we all must start becoming for whatever may happen, NOW.  By the time you can do so without everyone calling you crazy, it will be too late.

I don't know where they come from, but they sure do come

Cuddling kittens can kill you, warn scientists

Bettina Strenske / Alamy Stock Phot
Scientists found the scope and impact of a potentially deadly cat-borne disease was wider than they thought CREDIT: BETTINA STRENSKE / ALAMY STOCK PHOT
Cuddling a kitten may always make you feel better - but it could be dangerous to your health, according to experts.
Doctors from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US conducted a large-scale survey of the cat-borne bacterial disease cat scratch fever.   < Da na na!

Why are the streets littered with dead dogs?

Photo credit: Cambodian Restaurant Supply

This is really becoming a nuisance.  I can't even walk out my door without tripping over all the dead dogs.  Dead dogs for as far as the eye can see.  It's even more of an inconvenience when I'm driving my car, swerving around all the dog carcasses in the streets.  I can't help but hit a few here and there.  What a mess!

I'm starting to become concerned for their survival as a species.  What's happening?  It's simple: Virtually EVERYTHING is toxic to dogs.  Don't believe me?  See here.

Better stick to just giving your dog bones, Right?  Wrong!
source: The Telegraph

Give the dog a bone? Vets warn pet owners not to do it

For generations of pet owners feeding bones to their dogs has seemed as natural and healthy as letting them run free across fields and meadows.
But vets are now warning people not to give their dog a bone, because it could kill them.
The PDSA veterinary charity has issued the warning after its vets and nurses reported seeing dozens of dogs suffering from damage to their digestive tracts and blockages caused by bone splinters or larger pieces.
The advice appears to run counter to many dog owners’ assumption that their pets benefit from chewing on raw or cooked bones as a way of absorbing calcium and other nutrients and cleaning their teeth.
But Rebecca Ashman, a senior vet with the PDSA, Britain’s leading veterinary charity, said: “We don’t recommend bones as treats because unfortunately our vets and nurses regularly see dogs with digestive tract damage and blockages caused by splinters or larger pieces of bone being swallowed and becoming stuck.”
Red more.  Don't you dare!
Having been a farmer, I lost confidence in the judgment of vets in general, long, long ago.  Just look at this again:
Rebecca Ashman, a senior vet with the PDSA, Britain’s leading veterinary charity, said: “We don’t recommend bones as treats because unfortunately our vets and nurses regularly see dogs with digestive tract damage and blockages caused by splinters or larger pieces of bone being swallowed and becoming stuck.”
Using Rebecca's logic, no one should ever take their dog for a walk either, since there have been occasions when people and the dogs they were walking have been hit by cars, fallen off of cliffs, hit by lightning, etc.
People have been giving dogs bones for 10,000 years and now some vets are trying to tell us that its a bad idea?  Given the choice between trusting a practice that has existed since before recorded history or some crazy idea that some vets just came up with, I got to go with the 10,000 years crowd.
Oh, and by the way, the streets are NOT littered with dead dogs.  That fact alone should give you the confidence to go on giving your dog exactly what you (and all other normal people) have been giving dogs all long.

Not a civil war.

Pushing out foreign invaders does not constitute a civil war. 
source: The Sun

AN ISLAM expert has warned of a civil war across Europe as more young Muslims are being increasingly radicalised.

Professor Gilles Kepel, from the Sciences Po in Paris, claims a growing number of Muslims with poor job prospects are forming a “Jihad Generation” to continue to commit acts of terror across Europe.
Eventually, Europeans will have enough of this shit. 
It happened in the 1400's, and it will happen again. 
Financing Columbus wasn't the only thing King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella did.
Check your history books.

Weewee? Oui! Oui!

Paris is a post-apocalyptic hellhole of public urination and litter. Hurrah for the incivility brigade

Johnnie Dorman Rocks!

Hey there!

I just got back from Vegas!  I'd tell you all about it, even post pictures, but I'm sure you all hate hearing about other people's trips as much as I do, plus my "A" and "2" keys still don't work. I figured out how to get by, using my on screen keyboard, but it's a big pain it the ass.

Anyway, did you ever get verbally attacked by someone who is so far out in left field, that you consider their assault, a compliment?

Check out the comment I received on one of my posts from way back when, while I was away.  You might want to read the entire post too.  It's one of my favorites. I reprinted the first part of it below.  Click here to read entire post, liberal weenie, Johnnie Dorman's comment, and my response.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Red Flags and Spider Bikes

I was the last of four children in my family.  There’s plenty of old black and white photographs of my older sisters, and even a few of my brother, but by the time I came along, my parents had pretty much “been there, done that” with the kids' pictures thing.  My family was too cheap to buy anything like a home movie camera, and consumer video cameras had not been invented yet, so there’s almost no record of my childhood existence.  All I have is my memories.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I consider myself lucky, because I realized what I just wrote in the preceding paragraph, when I was still quite young. That encouraged me to commit as much of my life experience as I could to memory.  I remember thinking to myself, “Now remember this, you’ll appreciate that you did someday.”  I remember how I was feeling at particular times, 30, even 40 years ago and more.

I remember how I viewed the world when I was young.  I lacked the knowledge and experience that I have now, but I also wasn’t the least bit jaded, bitter, or disappointed.  My evaluation of most things was based more upon whatever instincts I had at the time than anything else.  I did a lot of thinking when I was young, probably much more than most other kids.  I’d often ride my bike or walk my dog to some secluded place with a good view, to ponder whatever issues I may have been interested in at the time.  

By the way, this is my idea of what a bike should look like...

...and this is my idea of how they should be used and who should be using them.  Kids on an empty neighborhood street...

This wasn’t me, but it just as well could have been.  I kicked ass.

...not adults impeding traffic on a highway.  Here’s what should happen to them:

Every motorist's fantasy. Luckily for the grown men playing with children's toys on a public highway, they were all wearing their faggy little helmets, so none of them got hurt.

What will they say if it becomes undeniable?

It's one thing to deny something that is singular and involves you and you alone.  In such a cases, it usually becomes  matter of "your word against theirs".  Chances are, your word will win out, unless there is a mountain of evidence against you.

It's quite another thing to deny something that has come up several times in the past, is an issue at this very moment, and could very well be even worse in the near future.

The mainstream media is taking a big risk in categorically denying that Hillary has any health problems.  I'm not a doctor, but I have seen some people's health deteriorate incredibly rapidly.  I'm not saying that Hillary is ill, but I'm not saying that is not outside the realm of possibility either.

What is the MSM going to say if Hillary's health does start to go rapidly downhill? - That they didn't know what they were talking about last week, but they do now?

If her health does obviously begin to fail, Trump should start to really turn up the heat on the issue.  Predictably, the MSM will accuse Trump of being mean.  Trump could then respond, "What are you talking about?  A few days ago, you were telling everyone that she was just fine."

What would the MSM say then? 

Stolen from Proof Positive

Yeh, e hospitel room.
note: pleese excuse the misspelling es I cnnot type enny of the letters tht come immeditely before the letter "B".  Cn't type enny numbers tht come immeditely before the number "3" either.

Cheap Crappy Chinese Parts

I haven't been posting recently because the letter A key and the number 2 key stopped working on my computer.  Wife's not home tonight, so I'm using her's.

Here's what's happened since my last post:

I still think Trump's gonna win.  More now than ever, since it appears that Hillary's nervous system seems to be failing.

I finally broke down and got a smart phone.  It's pretty cool.  It can take pictures and everything. Here's the first photo I took with it:

"What's that?", you ask.  It's a head gasket that failed after being installed less than one year ago on my Honda Civic.  See the four small holes between the two highest cylinder holes?

I bought that gasket on line at Amazon.  I couldn't believe how cheap it was.  Now I know why.  Replacing it with a Felpro and never using cheap Chinese head gaskets again.

OK, so why after all this time, did I break down and get a cell phone?

I going to so something I never do - travel.  My stepson's getting married in Las Vegas, so I figured as long as I'm in the area, I'd go see what I was talking about in my last two posts, in person.

Figured a smart phone would come in handy with the GPS, and now, I'll be able to take pictures, look up local attractions, find motels, etc.

If I can, I going to try to take a picture from the exact same vantage point as the picture in the previous posts.  Maybe a selfie.

More to come if and when I have any time.

Boy, That was quick!

Thanks Irish, and all the other people who helped me out so quickly! In less than a day, I had the answer to a question that had been haunting me for almost fifty years. Willy Kanos, wild Rivr Ranger, and anonymous were correct. Thanks again, everyone! 

P.S. Does anyone know anything about old photos printed on glass? Was that a common thing back then? I know that photo negatives were glass in the old days.

Mystery solved:  Location is: Canyon de Chelley on the Navaho Reservation New Mexico.
 Thanks Wild River Ranger!!!

Almost a perfect match!
...and in COLOR!

Can You Help Solve a Fifty Year Old Family Mystery?

What is this? 
and more importantly, 
Exactly, where was this picture taken?

My grandparents passed away in the 1990's, and my father received this when his brother, sister, and he were dividing up some family heirlooms.  A few years later, he gave it to me.

I don't know anything about it, other than my grandfather had it at least as long as I have been alive.

It is a photo printed on glass.  It's huge, about 2' wide x 3' tall.  I assume it was taken in the late 1800's because in the actual picture, you can see a horse drawn wagon and a couple of men dressed in clothes from that era.  Plus, it just looks like a picture from that time period.  It appears to have been taken at the Grand Canyon or some place with similar geology.

If anyone knows anything about this picture, particularly it's exact location, please leave a comment.  I don't travel much, but I am going to visit that area very soon.  It would be pretty cool to visit and see in person, a location that I have wondered about for almost half a century.

Been too busy to blog recently, but I just HAD to post this

I've been telling you for years that the Tesla car is an overpriced P.O.S., and now this...

source: CNBC

US regulators investigating Tesla over use of automated system linked to fatal crash

Read more. and see video

This fatality would not have occurred if the driver was in a Ford Pinto.  Why?  Because the Pinto is a much, much better car.

To find out why click here.

It Works Both Ways, Charlie

With each passing day, the anti-Trump crowd appears even more ridiculous.  It's gotten to the point where their actions aren't even worthy of comment.

Hey, Bill Kristol, do you realize that right now, David French is at his very lifetime height of public name recognition?

If any of you reading this, don't know who David French is-  that's my point.  Don't bother Googling him.  It's not worth the time, effort, or your memory capacity. 

Speaking of name recognition and memory capacity, ask anyone you know who is not actively following U.S. politics, if they ever even heard of any of "prominent" anti-Trump-ers.  Once again, that's my point.  I guarantee, they all know who Trump is.  They knew who he was, decades ago.

The anti-Trump-ers are like gnats on a wet dog or flies on a cow, irritating, but insignificant and totally incapable of directing the action or movement of the much larger, more powerful organism, other than provoking the occasional chomp at, or swat from a tail.  If anything, the anti-Trump insects cause many otherwise indifferent onlookers to sympathize with and support the larger life form.

As I said before, the problem I have with anti-Trump-ers is that all of their criticisms of Trump can just as easily be applied to any of the other candidates, either present or past.  In other words, I have never heard the give any credible evidence that Trump is any worse than whoever they currently or previously support(ed).

The same goes for the ant-Trump-er's criticisms of Trump supporters.  They'll either come right out and say, or try to imply that Trump fans are stupid.  Check out this video of Charlie Sykes "warning" people to beware:  If you choose to support Trump, you must also embrace everything associated with him. (Including all the bullshit that he and other anti-Trumpers said about him.  Never mind whether it's been proven untrue) 

Well Charlie, I suppose it works both ways, so I'm warning all you anti-Trumpers (You know, cause I'm so concerned with your well-being.), that if you embrace the things that anti-Trumpers like Charlie says, you also embrace all things anti-Trump like in the video below:

Everyday, support for Trump grows.  You can see it in the endorsements he receives and his rising poll numbers compared to Clinton.  This also necessarily means that everyday, the support for the #nevertrump movement dwindles.  

Why don't all you anti-Trumpers just admit that you lost, shut up and go home?