What's Real?

Democrats, and mainstream media would have us believe the two greatest threats America faces are:

1) Man made global warming

2) Donald Trump

There they are.  Look at them.  Scary, aren't they?  What's interesting about these two threats is how the left goes about dealing with them.  They treat these two perceived threats in completely opposite manners.

Man made global warming, they insist, is real.  Even though many predicted dates of our demise caused by it, have come and gone, it's real.  Even though much of the data that supports the entire theory of it has been proven to be faulty and fabricated, it's real.  

Trump on the other hand, they say, is not.  His poll numbers aren't real, his supporters aren't real, his knowledge isn't real, the issues he considers to be our greatest threats aren't real.

Isn't that strange?  Wouldn't you think that the two greatest threats listed by any group of people, be addressed by them, at least somewhat similarly?  What could possibly explain their two vastly different ways of looking at what they claim to be our two greatest threats?

Any of you who are regular readers of the GGN will know the answer.  

Lefties lie.

They lie about global warming.  They do not consider it to be a real threat.  How can I prove it?  Just look at how people act when they are facing what they honestly believe to be a serious oncoming threat.

Let's say you are some person living in a flood plain during a period of heavy rain with more rain predicted over the course of the next few days.  The flood waters are inching their way up to your home when suddenly the rain stops and a ray of sun breaks through the clouds.  You then hear on the radio that the weather forecasts have been in error and no rain is predicted in the immediate future.

What would you do?  Would you get up and cheer, or would you deny that the rain had stopped?  Would you be happy, or would you be upset because even though the imminent disaster you were sure was coming had not materialized, it certainly will occur some time in the future?

Normal people don't the way the left acts about global warming. The faulty computer models, the made up data, should be good news, and celebrated the way people celebrate whenever disaster is averted, but no.  The left wants this threat.  The left loves this threat and they never want it to go away.  That's why they deny the mountain of evidence that keeps piling up everyday which disputes their sacred theory.

Man made global warming isn't real, but the left wants to make it appear so, because they see it as a way to take money and freedom away from the citizens of this country via carbon taxes and increased regulation.

What about Trump?  The left is lying there too.  He's not a threat to America, he's a threat to them.  Their initial strategy of discounting him as a clown and buffoon and hoping he self destructs is quickly reaching it's expiration date.  

 Trump, his poll numbers, his supporters, and the issues he's running on, are about are all going to become real - real fast.  Then, you'll see how lefties act about a true threat.

They will insist that Trump poses them no danger, but they will celebrate and cheer even the slightest sign of Trump's popularity receding.  The exact opposite of how they react to man made global warming.

The actions and reactions of the left will plainly show to everyone what they truly believe is real.

The only climate that's changing in America is the political climate and Trump is going to be turning up the heat on the left real soon.

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