At least this time, we know where the deja vu comes from

Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas Everyone!

Did you get the feeling like you heard last summer's "Macy's Dumps Trump" story before?  Maybe this is why.

While channel surfing today, I ran across Miracle on 34th Street.

Remember how the management team at Macy's was made up of a bunch of incompetent idiots who were trying their best to get rid of Santa Claus because they feared that the things he said might somehow have a negative impact on sales?  

Although they quickly learned how wrong they were about Santa's impact on their store's image, they were the last ones to know.  Children, customers, and even the store owner, all realized that Santa was having a positive impact on sales before management figured it out. 

Well that was just a movie, but there is nothing to show that the current management at Macy's is any smarter in real life.
At least in  the movie, Macy's was smart enough to get Santa Back.
Despite what lefties would like to believe, dumping Trump did Macy's more harm than good, and they're is too stupid to try and get Trump back. 

When you think about it, what Santa was trying to do in Miracle on 34th Street for Christmas, was similar to what Trump is doing right now, for America - restore people's belief in the things that made it great.

Near the end of the movie's courtroom scene, Santa is vindicated by a show of overwhelming support, just like Trump will be next November.

Then, we will see a miracle on Pennsylvania Avenue, and as we Make America Great Again!

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