Why Does Anyone Listen to this Idiot?

source: The Guardian

Spike Lee: female students should go on sex strike to combat campus rape

Chi-Raq director says women withholding sex would help curb the ‘abundance’ of sexual assault and harassment at US colleges

The difference between him and Elton John is that Elton didn't wear goofy glasses and expect to be taken seriously.

Spike Lee has said a sex strike by women could help prevent sexual harassment on US college campuses.

“I think a sex strike could really work on college campuses where there’s an abundance of sexual harassment or date rapes,” Lee told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on US television. “Second semester it’s going to happen. Once people coming back from Christmas and some stuff jumps off, there’s going to be sex strikes in universities and college campuses across this country.”

Read more.  DON'T - FUCKIN' BOTHER!

Spike Lee is an idiot, but all of you already knew that.  Spike, isn't that a dog's name?  Like Rover or Fido?

Now I could write several paragraphs devoted to explaining just how unqualified Lee is to comment on anything outside of his area of expertise, but it's just so much easier to sum it all up in one sentence.  He's a liberal.

For some reason, liberals think that if someone has some amount of knowledge in one field, he or she can automatically speak with credibility on others, particularly if that person is a liberal celebrity.

In their defense, it's darned hard to find a liberal whose knowledge is both broad and deep.  Having a liberal mindset requires ignoring or being unaware of most of the world around you.  In order to be a liberal, you must be either unable or unwilling to connect the dots.

Before we get too far along, I would like someone to explain to me how if this whole campus rape thing is such big problem, why, why, would anyone be in favor of letting in countless immigrants into this country when it's been proven that the rape crisis they bring long with them is worse than any problems we are experiencing on college campuses by several orders of magnitude.

Right here in the article above, Spike Lee demonstrates his complete lack of knowledge in the field of economics.  This is a common liberal shortfall that goes a long way in explaining why their policies so often fail.

Many people think economics is only about money, but it is really about human behavior.  If you don't understand it, won't be able to predict how people will act and react.  Spike doesn't understand economics (and many other things) and that is why his suggestion of a "sex strike" is not only doomed to fail, it would have negative unintended consequences if it showed even the least signs of succeeding.

OK, so Spike says Woof, woof, throw me the ball. Take me for a walk.  If college girls would stop being so slutty for a while, the campus rape problem would just go away.

OMG, where do I begin?  First, does Spike really think that him simply suggesting it, would cause college girls to not be so slutty?  They heard the suggestion many times before and still, they are like they are.  If Lee's suggestion could actually have some influence and produce his desired outcome, the problem would have never occurred in the first place.

Second, sex, like anything else, is a commodity, subject to the laws of supply and demand and decreasing the availability of will not decrease the demand of those who are willing to beak the law to get it, otherwise, the war on drugs would be over and won a long time ago.

Let's say you're some dude with strong sexual urges and some rapist tendencies.  If you are living in very free and open sexual environment.  You could probably go on indefinitely satisfying your urges without even breaking the law.  Now, let's say the environment changes, but you don't.  The supply of women willing to sleep with you dries up over night.  Your status of being a non-criminal can last only as long as you can fight your urges.

Third, weren't we already suggesting that college girls shouldn't be so slutty and college boys respect all women, right from the get go?  Oh yeah, that was called traditional morals, but liberals did away with them decades ago, and now it's causing problems that even liberals can recognize.  Go figure.

Liberals created this mess (and most other social problems we face today) by trashing and discarding the traditional values that allowed our society to function with the least amount of danger while maintaining the highest amount of freedom.  Liberals like Spike will attempt to solve the problem with ludicrous suggestions, by wearing ribbons, or by having 5K runs, none of which will do any good.  When those things fail, they will respond as they always do - by putting even more restrictions on everyone's freedom and spending more of our money, which by the way, won't do any good either.

The only thing that will actually effectively address the social problems we face today is a return to the values that kept them in check for hundreds of years, but it would take us a very long time to pull that off.  Especially since liberals would fight that with more vigor than social problems they are currently trying to solve.

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