Classic Example

Check out what I saw at I OWN THE WORLD REPORT.

I guarantee you that Big Fur Hat does get it, he's just trying to make a point, and I'm going to explain it anyone who doesn't understand.

I'm sure all of you have run across similar leftist conundrums before:

  • The left claims that they are for working people, but they are in favor of almost everything that threatens jobs here in the U.S.
  • The left claims to want to help the poor, but is in favor of almost everything that raises the prices of the goods they buy.
  • The left claims to hate big money in politics, but has no problem with George Soros.
  • The left claims to want to help the poor and lower class of this country but is in favor of letting in hundreds of thousands of immigrants. These immigrants compete with our most disadvantaged citizens for jobs and they lower wages. They also put additional strain on welfare and other government assistance programs meant to aid poorer U.S. citizens.
If I spent more time thinking about it, I could make this list about two pages long, but you get the idea.

I remember, decades ago, wrestling with similar enigmas -  How could the left claim to be in favor of X, and simultaneously be in favor of Y, when the two were at odds with each other? 

Then, one day while listening to Rush Limbaugh, he explained it to me, and it all made perfect sense.  The problem I (along with so many other people) was having, is that I accepted what the left was saying at face value.  I made the mistake of thinking that the left could be honest about anything, including stating their true ambitions.

If you believe that the left is truly concerned about...

  • the poor
  • global warming/the environment
  • access to health care 
  • helping minorities
  • increasing public safety
  • jobs
  • fairness
  • anything else they claim to care about are just going to end up banging your head against the wall.

The leaders of the left care about only one thing-


I know that may seem a little harsh.  I understand that at first, it might be hard to accept, but think about it.  In order to understand the true motivation of the left, you need to find a common denominator for all things they claim to favor.  A template that fits and explains all of their positions at once.  None of the bullet points I listed just above, can explain why the left holds all the positions that it does, simultaneously. The only thing that can, is what is printed above in bold.

When you understand that, suddenly everything becomes so clear.  Everything fits.  It all makes sense.

So, of course, the left wants as many as many Muslims as possible to be imported into this country.  Islamists have publicly stated, many times, that their goal is to destroy it.

Understand this:  The left isn't simply just wrong.  

It is evil.


  1. Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by stupidity Neil. In some small respects there is a method to their madness. I think they ultimately think they can undermine Islam the way they did with Christianity. They have had some small successes with that...but like you ... I don't think those idiots know who they're screwing with. Animals cannot be shamed and weaklings can't dictate.

    Most progs are just idiots. It's their masters that I fear...and the mudflaps fear them too. They are gonna be dead if this gets much stupider...

    1. I did mention that it was the LEADERS of the left that care only about destroying this country. Perhaps I should have been more clear about that. The left's followers are definitely just useful idiots. You need only to look at George Soros to understand that the left is being controlled by intelligent evil.

    2. Sorry, my bad - I sometimes read too fast for my brain to keep up... :)

      Excellent post as usual, by the way...

  2. The left gets plenty of help from the right. It is hard to tell though whether it maliciousness or random collective stupidity.

    1. The only "help" the left receives from the right comes from the fact that so many on the right are spineless, sniveling, cowards, whose fear of offending the overly sensitive overwhelms their sense of duty to stand up for is right.

      Soros is the closest thing to the real life version of the genius comic book villain that the modern world has ever seen. There is no way Obama could have brought about the devastation he has through stupidity alone.

      The motivation of the leaders of the left is the delusion that somehow, after everything goes to hell, they'll be in the position of power, like Lenin, Stalin, or Mao. They are fueled by evil.

      The motivation of the followers of the left is that they are convinced that they do not have what it takes to make it in a competitive society. They would rather see the winners destroyed along with the society that produced them, than do what it takes to become successful on they're own. They are fueled by resentment.

      Together, the leaders and followers of the left are working as hard to destroy this country as those on the right who are working to save it.

      Don't be fooled, the left regularly admits to incompetence as a way of masking their malice. Both Obama and Hillary have done it publicly, many times, in the past.