Beyond the Trump Victory

Donald will win the 2016 presidential election for two reasons.

1)  Each time Muslim terrorists strike, thousands of Americans consider that to be the last straw, the deal breaker, on unchecked immigration, both legal and illegal, and it's a safe bet that there will be plenty of terrorist attacks between now and the election.

2)  Trump went about choosing his positions on issues differently than most candidates do.  Instead of immediately siding with his party on which issues to run and what position to take, Trump figured out what was important to the American people and took their side.  While this may have made some question his conviction on certain issues, it has made him practacally invincible.

His careful choice of issues has pushed other issues (issues where Trump may not have been seen to be as strong on) off the table, and now we are only talking about issues in which he scores very well.  This time around, we're talking about terrorism, immigration and the economy.  People are starting to realize that in today's world, abortion and paid family medical leave are at best, secondary issues.  There is a good chance that Romney would have won if this was the case in 2012.

Rival candidates have two choices.  Agree with Trump and look like they're late for the party, or disagree with Trump and look foolish.  Voters are left with three choices.  Trump, Trump light, or just plain wrong.

Trump wants to end illegal immigration and build a wall.  If you are some candidate other than Trump, what are you going to say?

- I'm in favor of unchecked illegal immigration.
- I favor some amount of illegal immigration.
- I oppose building a wall.
- I'm in favor of a smaller, shorter wall.
- I agree with Trump completely.

The first four positions would make you look ridiculous.  The last one gives no one any reason to vote for you over Trump.

I could be wrong (I've been wrong before), but with every passing day, it looks more and more obvious to me that that Trump will be the next president of the United States.

Although it is not yet a foregone conclusion, I think Trump supporters should start looking forward to the time after he wins the White House.  If you think his detractors are nasty now, you ain't seen nothing yet.  It's going to be like George Bush times ten.  The press will be out to get him more than they were after Nixon during the height of the Watergate scandal.  If you are a Trump supporter, understand that he is going to in need of your support much more after he wins than he did during the election.  

If Trump has made any mistake in his candidacy so far, I think it could be promising too much, too fast.  I surely hope I'm wrong. 
I hope that Trump can secure a few major victories within the first few months of being in office.  I think his whole presidency will depend upon that.



  1. Well, Trump is short on specifics. Also, some, but not all, of his economic thoughts are kind of dumb, but that's par for most MBA's. A trade war with China is not a smart idea. A weaker dollar is not a smart idea.

    He hit it right on taxes; Americans don't have any money leftover and anyone who thinks you are going to get corporations pay more when they move elsewhere is a fool.

    I do think his wife would be a good first lady. Maybe more American women would be inspired to lose a few pounds and ditch the dike hair does. Maybe some men would be inspired to find their balls again.

  2. I'm getting a little sick of people saying that Trump is "short on specifics". He has been accused of that since the beginning of his campaign. The truth is that when he needs to be specific, he can be as specific as anyone, and he has proven that by giving a detailed report on his tax plan.

    Virtually every other candidate, Democrat or Republican, in this and all other elections, are short on specifics while campaigning. There are a few sensible reasons for this:

    1) Specifics are boring, and the main goal of campaigning is to get as people to support you as possible, not win arguments on policy details.

    2) Specifics take too long. A candidate has a lot of ground to cover in a set period of time during an appearance, so getting too specific is impossible.

    3) The more specific a candidate gets, the more he opens himself up to attack from opponents on minor details which can derail him from talking about the main issues that he wants to discuss.

    4) Specifics don't really matter anyway. A presidential candidate can campaign on a general plan, but laws are passed by the senate and congress. The chances of the legislative branch's plan being exactly the same as the president's originally proposed plan are about zero.

    No one, including Trump, is interested in starting a trade war, but just laying down and letting your competitors just walk all over you isn't a good idea either. I'm not being naive here. What Trump proposes, WILL DEFINITELY LEAD TO HIGHER CONSUMER PRICES, but not necessarily higher costs for the average citizen. With the way things are now, we are spending billions on unemployment. Getting more of our own people to work will definitely save us money on social programs, including unemployment insurance payments.

    Even under the best scenario, Trump's trade plan is going to mean higher retail prices, but we are going to have to pay some price whether we get more American's working and more American plants up and running or not.

    I think that we will have a stronger, healthier country with more people working and plants operating here at home, even if it means higher prices.

    There are both good and bad points to having a strong or weak currency, and everyone knows that, but the way things are going right now, the dollar is threatened beyond anything that our government has the control of anyway. The potential damage to the value of our dollar is far greater from the threat of hyper inflation and/or default on our debt than any decrease in value due to currency manipulation, and Trump shows more concern about the national debt than anyone else. The only chance we have here is to grow our way out of this. There is no way we can tax ourselves out if it with the economy in its current state.

    You're right on the taxes. Even the Democrats understand that higher taxes in any particular area decreases economic growth in that area, or they would have never pushed for higher taxes on tobacco products.

    I can't even begin to imagine how many different ways that Mrs. Trump would be an improvement over Mrs. Obama.

    Mentioning Mrs. Trump made me think of something else too. She's an immigrant. Big deal. That doesn't mean that Trump had to be pro-unchecked immigration. I think that's a fault that too many Americans have. Just because you know someone, or have someone in your family has a particular trait or condition (being gay for example), that doesn't mean that you automatically have to be in favor of legislation that coddles them at the expense of traditional values, practicality, or financial common sense. Spending money for adding transgender bathrooms (or however they refer to them) in government buildings comes to mind.

  3. Some good points.

    By the way, I don't this say this stuff to be a troll. I may vote for Trump just to stick it to Team R. I do think he knows we are suffering in a way.

    However, I don't want him appointing all competent people to certain sectors of the federal government. I'd rather see most of it abolished and those people have to get real jobs.

    1. Everything you said makes sense even though I don't necessarily agree with all of it. Check this out:

      This alone, should be enough to make you, me, and everyone else to become an avid Trump supporter and never look back.