Trump finished?

Peaked? Plateaued? Fading? Shrinking? Don't you weenies wish?  How smart are people who take a week long anomaly and try to use that to demonstrate the reversal of a several month trend?  Charlie Sykes, wishful thinking does not make for intelligent analysis.

Don't worry about last week's Iowa numbers, Trump fans.  I'm sure that's gonna change soon enough.  By now, it should be clear to everyone that the Trump supporters have much more credibility on this issue than the Trump bashers.

For more on the poll numbers below, visit The Last Refuge.

Sorry Charlie, Republican voters don't want a candidate who minds what he speaks.  They want a candidate who speaks his mind.


  1. "Don't worry about last week's Iowa numbers,"

    It isn't like the last two winners of Iowa (Santorum and Huckabee) won the nomination, either, if I may add.

    1. Absolutely true, but I think Trump will come back and win Iowa, and so far, I (and other Trump supporters) have been correct more often about his demise than the Trump bashers have.