Suggested Modification to Trump's Wall

Trump says we can build a wall at the Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it.  That's all good, but I'd like to add an amendment to that.  Let's build a prison on the border, big enough to hold all of our state and federal convicts.  It will consist of a "bump out" in the border wall, so the prison would only have walls on its north, east, and west sides.  The southern boundary would be the open US - Mexico border. 

Think of the savings.  We would be building the wall anyway.  All we would need to do is add another half mile or so. We wouldn't have to heat it, and would only have to provide tents for shelter.  The money saved from shutting down all our other prisons would pay for the whole thing in a matter of months.

If any inmates choose to head south, they are free to do so on the condition that they never return.  In fact we will provide them with four days food and water rations.

If the Mexican government complains (Would they actually have the gall to complain?) about people illegally entering their country, we can sit back and say, "Hey we've been dealing with this shit for decades, how do you like it?"

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