Sticking My Neck Out

Barring some unexpected game changing event...

Donald Trump will win the 2016 presidential election.
Why?  I just got done watching tonight’s Democratic debate and not once did I hear even one mention of our national debt.  In addition, all of candidates were pro-immigration which is a losing issue, regardless of what anyone may tell you.  About the only things any of the Democratic candidates talked about involved spending government taxpayer money (giving away free shit), letting criminals roam free on our streets and taking away our right to defend ourselves from them, or fantasy foreign policy where a country that no longer has a reputation for strength and resolve has any leverage in bargaining with tyrants.

I actually thought that Bernie Sanders did a pretty good job, (even though I disagree with him on everything) but he lost all credibility (except for those on the extreme left) by saying that climate change is the greatest threat currently facing our nation.

The greatest immediate threat to our nation is immigration (just look what’s happening in Europe) and most people understand this.  Germany has gone from being the most envied country in Europe, to a state of desperation in a matter of months.  That’s how fast unchecked immigration can destroy a nation.  Since it takes time to correct problems through legislation, we must start acting to secure our borders in the very near future. (Within two years, sooner would be nice, but that’s not going to happen.)  Trump is the only candidate (Republican or Democrat), who understands this.  The electorate knows that Trump is the only candidate who understands this.

The second most pressing problem this country faces is our national debt.  
The national debt is like a bully, and so far, that bully has been able to pick on the easiest target, that being, sound fiscal and monetary policy.  For most people and politicians, that’s like a bully picking on a classmate rather than them, but eventually, that bully beats his target into total submission.  At that point, he goes after you, and you realize that the bully has actually been intimidating you the whole time, but you chose to live with the fear of intimidation rather than deal with the fear of standing up to him.  This only delays the inevitable and makes the problem worse.

Eventually the national debt will beat our best efforts to hide it’s effects into the ground (through either hyperinflation, out of control interest rates, and/or default),and then it’s coming after all of us.  It will dictate everything we do and we will no longer to be able to pay for any of the things we take for granted now, let alone, all of the freebies and pie-in-the-sky green energy schemes the Democrats propose.  Once again, no other candidate understands this better than Trump, and the electorate knows that no candidate understands this better than Trump.

Believe me, all of the Democratic candidates both know and understand this. At best they think that these problems won’t come to a head until their term (if elected), is over.  At worst, they are selfish, lying, dishonest, despicable, evil bastards who are willing to advance their own cause at the expense of the good of our country.  

Either way, we can’t afford to elect any candidate that doesn’t say that they will immediately give these two issues top priority.  Trump’s the only candidate who says he will, and the American electorate understands that.



  1. I've never understood that.

    These liberal meat holes all cluck and flap and make a show about caring for the environment - and then turn around and support the import of swarms of third world trash into the country! More people=more industry=more cars=more roads=more pollution=more, more, more.

    1. Look at the countries they come from. Google "deforestation" and click on "images". Then click on any of the pictures shown below. You will find that the pictures are almost never of the U.S. or any other western nation. Third world people are the biggest destroyers of our environment by far. Unchecked immigration will destroy our environment and everything else.