See, THIS is what Trump was Talking About

Liberals and conservative pundits with their heads up their asses can just keep on spouting their wishful thinking about how Trump is finished, but every time he may slip a little, he comes back stronger than before.  Why? Because he's proven correct, in real time, right before our eyes.  Here's one of the latest examples:

Trump also mentioned these immigrants could be an army sent to attack us.

As expected, liberals and conservative weenies got all upset about what he said, but then, right on cue, this happened:

source: The Telegraph

Eurotunnel services suspended as migrants storm tunnel

Eurotunnel services were suspended after a "large and co-ordinated" group" of migrants stormed the tracks, services won't resume until after 10am

Eurotunnel services were suspended on Saturday after more than 200 migrants broke into its French terminal in a “massive and organised” assault.
Passenger and freight services through the tunnel were halted for several hours while French police struggled to contain the invasion and remove the migrants.
All Eurotunnel services have been suspended for safety reasons after more than 100 migrants stormed the tracks overnight (EPA)
Two police officers and four migrants suffered minor injuries during scuffles, local authorities of the Pas-de-Calais region said.
Around 100 of the migrants managed to walk as far as 15 kilometres into the Channel Tunnel during the mass break-in before police intervened to stop them getting any further.
"The migrants entered the south tunnel and went quite far, around 15 kilometres," said the top official for the region, Fabienne Buccio.
A Eurotunnel spokesman described the latest incident at its Calais terminal as a "massive invasion and intrusion by a very large and co-ordinated group".
He added: “It’s clearly an organised attack when it comes in such a large number; there are over 100 in this one group.
“They arrived together an in a well-organised manner, broke through the fences and all clearly knew where they were going. They are being gathered up by the police authorities."

If you can stomach it, watch this video to see a perfect example of wishful liberal thinking.

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