OK, I've had it.

I wanna start getting paid for doing this shit and I want it to start now.

Why's that?  You're not very good at it and you don't appear to be particularly intelligent.

That may be true, Mr. Liberal who speaks in italics, but at least I'm smarter than this guy, who can't figure out why all the best pundits tend to be conservative.  He can't even come up with a good answer, and he gets paid.

I figured it out about two years ago, after thinking about it for about five minutes.  Already read it before?  Read it again, it's good humor.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Twix Bar Detective in Me Solves "The Case of the Stupid Liberals"

Back sometime it the late-mid 70’s, they came out with the Twix candybar.  I can still remember their commercial.  I couldn’t find it on Youtube, but the Twix ad here, in this series of commercials is close.

I hated the commercial from the first I saw it.  It had a guy posing as a private detective, explaining how he managed to determine just how a Twix bar could be chewy and crunchy at the same time.  It went something like this:

“...then it hit me, under the milk chocolate, under the creamy caramel, a cookie, a crunchy cookie!  Twix: the tastiest case I ever cracked.” he said as he put his feet up on his desk and crossed his legs in satisfaction.

I always thought that the guy was so stupid.  Apparently, it took him weeks to figure out what anyone else could determine in just one bite.  It took me years before I could even buy a Twix bar, until I finally realized that my personal protest boycott was just as stupid as the commercial.


  1. Hey Neil, Off topic.

    Have you ever seen these used or anything similar that works good?




    1. Similar products have been around as long as I can remember. I've never used 'em, but I bet that they're cheap enough to buy just in case. Sure seemed to work well in the video.

    2. Thanks for the input. I might do more research and throw a pair in the truck this winter. BTW nice rant. I gotta wonder how those lefties sleep at night IF they really are just doing it for pay. Sad. Can you imagine adding up the damage they have done.

    3. They sleep just fine, knowing that someone else will do it if they don't. What I don't understand is how conservative talkers sleep at night, when they spend all day bashing the clear Republican front runner, the one who clearly has the best chance of beating whoever the Democratic nominee will be.