My Take on Bernie Sander's

The Trump bashers started their assault by accusing him of not being a serious candidate.  They were proven wrong about that like they will be proven wrong about most of their other criticisms of him.

What about Bernie Sanders?  Is he a serious candidate?  I don't think so.  I believe that he is nothing more than a get out the vote for Hillary tactic.  If he wasn't, he would have taken the chance to destroy her when it arose during the Democratic debate.  He could have cast some serious doubts on her credibility and honesty, but instead he chose to cast doubts on the allegations against her.  A true opponent wouldn't do that, a subordinate would.

Bernie is nothing more than a tool for the Democrats to get the far left (who have turned out to be less enthusiastic about Hillary than they expected) excited about the 2016 presidential election.  Once nomination time comes, Bernie will (in one way or another) throw his support behind Hillary, and his supporters will be instructed to vote for her.

Am I wrong about this?  The only thing that will make me believe that is if Bernie gets the Democratic nomination.  How many of you think that's going to happen?


  1. Hey Neil;

    no..the fix is on....Hillary has to go through the motions and she will get the nomination....the GOP is supposed to nominate Jeb Bush and he will get slaughtered and the politically connected will maintain their grip on the body politic and keep enriching themselves and they view us as wage slaves to do their bidding and serve the state.

    1. Your prediction is all but inevitable, unless... TRUMP.