Look Out, Darwin's Gonna Getcha

Alright, what am I gonna say about this kid?  What am I gonna say about his father?  Just this - They’re a symptom, not the disease.

source” Breitbart.com


Poor kid, you just know he'll never own a '69 Camaro

A Virginia father who works at “abolishing gender stereotypes” continues to receive praise for his Facebook post of his son in a princess costume.

Read more.  You really don’t have to.  It’s exactly what you’d expect.

The disease is arrogance combined with ignorance.

The above is a story where the headline is all you need to read.  This child’s father is an idiot.  Do you know anyone who “works at abolishing gender stereotypes”.  No?  Why do you think that might be?  Could it be that you only hang around sane people, who know how to prioritize their precious time on this planet, which automatically eliminates any chance of them wasting any of it on abolishing gender stereotypes?  I mean can you even imagine this?

“Honey, did you get that light switch fixed and the lawn mowed like I asked you?”

“Sorry babe, I was too busy working on abolishing gender stereotypes.”

Although this dude somehow managed to reproduce, over the long run, people like this are naturally eliminated.  How can I prove it?  Because people like this hardly even existed only one generation ago.  They are simply an anomaly that exists in this blink of an eye that we call “now”, and they will be selected out, just as they have been each time they cropped up during the history of mankind.

Why would one even want to abolish gender stereotypes?  Who says that they should be abolished?  Who can say with any credibility, that they are not a good thing?  I’ve got plenty of evidence to show that they are, like every culture, without exception, even ones divided by oceans, mountains and deserts have all developed gender stereotypes independently of each other.  That right there, ought to be enough to win this argument.  It’s pretty arrogant (and almost certainly wrong) to even suggest that you know better than every society that ever existed.

Traditional moral and cultural values are nothing more than the result of trial and error.  Every deviation from traditional values has been tried many times across the spans of geography and time, and the reason they didn’t become part of the mainstream is because they problems caused for society outweighed the benefits for the deviants.  It’s simple as that.  People pick up on what brings success and shun what causes failure.

So for all you cultural warriors out there “working” at abolishing gender stereotypes or promoting any other deviation from traditional moral and cultural values:  
  • You’re not breaking new ground
  • You are not visionary
  • You are not revolutionary
  • You are certainly not smarter than the rest of us
  • You are simply repeating the mistakes of the past.  Mistakes so old that they are only remembered by societies as things that should not be done.


  1. Good grief. These effin shit-libs ruined Christmas by deciding to take offense at the blatant Christianity of it. So now they gather round their 'holiday trees' and God help you if you have the unmitigated gall to wish some lefty twit a 'Merry Christmas'.

    All I can say to the father of this poor kid is that he WILL keep that child off my doorstep at Halloween. If the libs are gonna twist a child's holiday and politicize it I won't have anything to do with it - and YOU can keep your gender-bending activism to yourself too!

    1. It's unfortunate for us that we have to deal with people like this now, but we can take heart in the fact that no matter what happens, they will be selected out relatively quickly.

  2. Replies
    1. Certainly true. It will have a much more devastating on the child than most cases of physical abuse will.