Best Comment in the History of the Internet

Found at The Last Refuge.

Bluto says:
I guess I’ll just drop this here. I’ve been adding to this list since Trump first announced. Taken in it’s totality, it is quite amazing how furious, desperate & pathetic the media has been to destroy Trump.
New for this week:
*Scott Walker drops out. This is bad for Trump. He’s finished!,
*Greg Gutfield thinks Trump is a clown. He’s Finished!
*His poll numbers are down. He’s still in the lead. He’s Finished!
*Trump won’t give us details. He’s finished!
*Trump releases 2nd Amend policy details. Ignore it! He’s finished!
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to all Muslims.
*Carly won the debate. His poll numbers are down. He’s finished!
*Trump fatigue is upon the electorate. He’s Finished!
*Some random dude said “Obama is a Muslim”. It’s Trump’s fault. He’s finished.
*Trump MUST apologize for random “Obama is a Muslim” dude
*He’s finished if he won’t apologize to Jeb!s wife
Repeating Talking point (every week or so):
*Trump has peaked. He’ll slowly fall off and quit. He’s finished.
*He won’t run
*He’s not serious
*He has funny hair, we hate funny hair
*Bankruptcy!!! OH NOES! (pretend it’s not legal, mmmkay?)
*He won’t file his candidacy papers
*He’s never held public office. He can’t win.
*He won’t connect with the voters
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Univision
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Nascar
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Macy’s
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to ESPN
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to McCain
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize on demand, period.
*He’ll never poll well. He’s finished.
*He’ll never lead in the polls. He’s finished.
*He’ll never file his financials. He’s finished.
*He’s offended all veterans. He’s finished.
*He thinks raping his wife is dandy. He’s finished.
*Some contrived, bizzaro crap about breastfeeding. WTF?
*He’s against Amnesty. He’s finished.
*He’s for Amnesty. He’s finished.
*Just scream Amnesty…it’ll dazzle everybody
*He doesn’t really want to be President. He’s finished.
*He said stuff about blood! OMG OMG! He’s finished!
*He’ll be exposed in the debates and fail miserably. He’s finished.
*Frank Luntz said Trump has collapsed. He’s finished.
*Redstate claims he won’t make it to Iowa. He’s finished.
*George Will says Trump can’t sit down to tea & talk to voters. Finished!
*He’s offended all women. He’s finished.
*He’s just a carnival barker. He’s finished.
*He won’t last,he’s done after tomorrow… week…err…next month
*He can’t defeat Bush, He’s finished.
*He can’t beat Hillary ,it’s already been decided
*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Megyn Kelly
*He falsely claimed he’s Batman. He’s Finished.
*He insulted Mexicans again by beating up poor Jorge Ramos
*He’s not a REAL conservative (in Spanish!), He’s finished.
*He won’t sign the Pledge. He’s a jerk. He’s finished.
*He DID sign the Pledge. He’s a jerk.. He’s finished.
*He thinks Candidates should speak English! OH THE HORROR! Finished.
*He failed the Hugh Hewitt Trivia Quiz of Crap
*Foreign policy is much more important than immigration. Trump is finished.
*His 5 second comment re: Syrian Refugees = Detailed Amnesty Policy!
*He joked about Carly’s face! OMG OMG OMG. He’s finished!
*He won’t apologize to Carly. He’s Finished.
*He won’t apologize to Carson. He’s Finished.
*He can’t win without the Evangelicals. He’s Finished.
*Bobby Jindal called him names. He’s Finished.
*Ben Carson questions Trump’s faith. OMG! He’s finished.
*The country wants a Minister not a CEO. He’s Finished!


  1. Dude. You made iowntheworld report. :-)


    1. Yes, thank you, but I really don't deserve any credit. That is the someone else's work that I reposted. I gave both writer and the blog it appeared on, credit for it right up front.

      I have made IOTWR with some of my own work few of times before, and truly felt honored each time it happened. This is one that I can specifically remember:

      I know you are picked up by other big blogs quite often and would like to congratulate you for that plus all your other fine work.

      What I want to know is this: How do one get onto Bad Blue or the Drudge Report. Everyday, I see stories listed on both of these sites that I feel do not rise to the level (low as it is) of the Golden Geese News.

      Thanks again for noticing. I try to look at the Feral Irishman everyday. As you might have seen, I've not been posting as much as I used to because of lack of time.

    2. Thank you for the props, kind sir. Somebody from Brietbart & The Conservative Treehouse alerted me to your blog & this entry. I'm not sure how to log-in properly, so it appears as "anonymous", but I am the real "Bluto" and I'm quite honored to make your blog. Thanks again!

      Cheers to you!


    3. Thank you, and like I said before, your's was a truly great comment.

  2. Dude - you got Mr. Pinko's Thumbs Up approval!

    1. Thank you, but I really don't deserve it. See above.

  3. Keep it going Bluto!!!

  4. Bluto's list is famous on Breitbart!
    Here is his updated list as of 10/18/2015

    1. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. So good, I posted it.