And now, good news

You know, it's kind of depressing, how every year things seem to just get worse and worse. This might totally counteract all of that, but every year, your choice of politically incorrect Halloween costumes grows larger.


  1. Get that and a pair of those nuts you see hanging off of tow hitches and sew them on the hem in front.

    1. Oh yeah, he still hasn't cut them off yet, has he? I think he should cut 'em off and sell them on Craigslist under the category of "sports memorabilia". Maybe even sign 'em with a sharpie, like they do with old jerseys. You'd probably end up seeing 'em hanging on the wall of some sports bar.

  2. I think it would be fun to get one of the Caitlyn costumes and one of Bruce Jenner's Olympic costumes. Come to the party as Bruce, leave as Caitlyn.