Trump May be Our Last Best Hope

Author's note:  Just didn’t feel like proof reading.  You’ll be able to figure it out.  Also - this is a great companion piece read it.

Why won’t Donald Trump win the Republican nomination?

Do you want the short answer?  Here it is:  Because in general, conservatives and especially Republicans, are a bunch of pussies.

I’m sure that most of you already know that, and that’s all one really needs to know, at least that’s all one needs to know to answer that particular question. Since it already appears that it is a foregone conclusion (at least to most liberal and conservative pundits and Washington insiders) that the next Republican nominee for president will be someone other than Trump, we are dealing with a moot question. Or are we?

Regardless of how you feel about Trump, the answer to the above question is more troubling than whether or not he actually moves into the White House in 2017.  Many conservatives question Trump’s motives and many liberals question the motives of his supporters.    I question the motives of Trump’s detractors.  I sense that they are more disingenuous than Trump on his worst day.

The liberals are easy to see through.  The only thing they’re scared of is Trump winning, but only because that would necessarily mean that they lost.  They don’t care about women or Mexicans any more than anyone else.  The only concern they have for these (and any other) groups of people, is getting their votes so they can keep steamrolling this country towards socialism.  (If you haven’t figured that out yet, ask yourself “How come none of their programs have ever been successful?  How come we haven’t reduced the poverty rate, in spite of the trillions of dollars we have thrown at it?  How come our large cities, run by Democrats for decades, are crumbling, crime ridden, bankrupt disasters?”)

The anti-Trump conservatives are a bit harder to figure out.  There is a certain percentage that simply have favored another candidate from the beginning, and just like with the liberals, a Trump victory necessarily means their guy loses, but the majority of what I’ve been hearing from the right involves a lot more Trump bashing than singing the praises of any other Republican presidential hopeful.  Why?  Because in their minds, anyone would be better than Trump.  Why?  See the answer to the question at the beginning of this piece.

Many conservatives have taken their political ideology’s namesake too literally.  It’s supposed to refer to one’s standpoint on economic and social issues, not how to run a campaign.  It’s called a race for president for a reason and just like at the Daytona 500, you run as hard and fast as you can.  You capitalize on your strengths. You take chances - If you want to win.  You have to, because the rest of the field wants to win too. That’s what Trump’s doing, and a lot of people don’t like it.  They’re afraid of what Trump will do the “Republican brand”.  What a bunch of crap!  To them, the Republican brand is more important than winning the election.

Let me tell you what the “Republican band” means to the majority of Americans.  To liberals, it means racist, sexist, homophobe.  Trump can do no more damage to image of Republicans in their eyes.  They’re already maxed out on their disdain for all things conservative - Nothing to lose there.  

To an ever increasing percentage of conservatives, the Republican brand means uninspiring, gutless, weenie.  It means Barack Obama doing whatever he wants despite of who controls the House and Senate.  It means a never ending stream of weak presidential candidates, more concerned with not offending anyone than solving our country’s problems or even winning the election for that matter.  Dole, McCain, Romney - how’d they do?  Well, at least they didn’t tarnish the Republican brand.

Then there are the logical, practical, anti-Trump Republicans, who say Trump probably would not win against Hillary Clinton, the presumptive, or rather, possible, Democratic presidential nominee.  That may or may not be true, but assuming it is, we should be asking, “Who has the best chance of beating Mrs. Clinton?”  Suddenly, Trump looks much better.  This (and all other recent) presidential elections will not be decided by the well informed, and it will not be decided by those who have been consistently loyal to any political party or ideology. It will be decided by least informed people in this country. People who refer to themselves as “independents”, but only because they do not have the knowledge or the backbone to let others know what side they are on. Those who watch reality TV.  People like those in the video below.

Knowing this, it is obvious that this election will go to whatever candidate puts on the best show - as long the vast majority of that candidate’s party stands behind him.  Liberals have no problem with this.  Clinton, Sanders, or whoever - they will enthusiastically back their candidate no matter who he/she is.  

Here’s where many conservatives are too smart for their own good.  They will spend more time running down any Republican who isn’t their guy during the primary season, than they do criticizing the Democratic candidates. They tend to not back a candidate that does not act the way they do, and certainly will not support anyone that has a core of support that consists of people they feel are less intelligent than they are.  We all know people like this - self centered, egotistical, narcissists who are more concerned with how they appear than who wins.    These people do more to damage the chances of a Republican victory than any amount of shabbily dressed liberal protesters walking down the streets, chanting, and carrying homemade signs.  Conservatives so often, are their own worst enemies.

Another question:  If not Trump, than who?  Let’s take a look at Walker since I’m from Wisconsin, and am most familiar with him.  Walker would be an excellent candidate if presidential races were decided entirely by logic and reason, but the past two elections have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not even close to being the case.  

Walker won in Wisconsin back in 2010 in what was essentially a single issue campaign.  Should state employees continue to be able ride the benefit gravy train at the expense of taxpayers or not?  It was easy for voters to understand and remained the key issue as Walker survived a recall and later won reelection.  That couldn’t have happened had there been multiple major issues to make things murky. Despite what you may have heard, the voting public was not so evenly divided on the issue, and the fact that Walker won his recall election within a matter of a few hours after the polls opened proved that.  The liberals made a lot of noise and caused the media to grossly underestimate the negative feelings Wisconsinites held towards the state employee unions.

The 2016 presidential race is not the Wisconsin gubernatorial race of 2010.  There are many more issues on the table and right now, it is much more difficult to predict how the voters will behave.  So far Trump has managed to keep the media and the public focused on just the issues that he wants to talk about. Issues in which more people support his views than the mainstream media will ever care to admit.  He just might be a lot smarter than any of the anti-Trump people, liberal or conservative, say he is.  He has been able to steer the course of the debate simply by saying things to piss off those who don’t like him, and by doing this he just might be able to keep the main issues in this election simple enough, and in a small enough number for those stupid people in the middle to understand.

It is somewhat ironic that it is the “intellectual elite” conservatives that created the vacuum that caused Trump to be a contender in the first place.  Like I said before, liberals support their guy no matter what.  For decades now, conservative pundits have been distancing themselves from any conservative candidate who makes an off color remark.  We lost a lot of candidates that way, and scared even more people away from running for office.  Even worse our current roster of conservative politicians and commentators is made up mostly of timid weasels who are more concerned with how they are looked upon by the liberal media establishment than the truth, what’s best for our country, or supporting other conservative candidates who aren’t afraid to say something controversial.

Whether you like Trump or not, he just might be able to help the conservative cause more than anyone else at this time.  He is breaking new ground on how a conservative can behave.  Instead of apologizing and retracting statements, he doubles down and fires back.  So far this has been much more effective than the traditional conservative cowering.  If he succeeds, he just might be able to neutralize some of the liberals most effective weapons - the branding of someone they disagree with a racist, sexist, homophobe, or whatever, instead of logically arguing the issue.  If Trump can do that, teach conservatives that it is better to fight back than shy away when liberals start name calling, that alone will be more valuable to conservatives in the short and long run than anything any of the other Republican candidates could ever possibly do.


  1. I agree with most of that. I might quibble about the brand of conservatives being tarnished by cowardice though. To me, the current weakness of the conservatives is exactly what you describe as trying to use logic and reason against liberals who are calling people names. Old school conservatives can't deal with that; every time they try to counter emotion with logic they fail. The liberals then take control of the discussion and everything seems to go to hell from there.
    Conservatives aren't pussies so much as nice people that want to hear what everyone has to say, that nobody feels excluded and everyone gets a fair shake.

    Like you, I like Trump and I like his message, but: he is tapping our emotions too. Our simmering, cold fury over the injustice of 'social justice', our anger with the race baiters and the illegal immigrants, the utter contempt for sexually and mentally disturbed, and the impatience with political correctness - to name a few.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Trump would do a good job - but such men have a way of galvanizing the opposition and I would really hate to see that happen here.

    My horrible feeling is that unless Hillary goes to jail, she will be your next president.

    1. Hillary's problems are growing with each day. I know Trump isn't perfect, but I believe that we will be able to hold his feet to the fire and see that he keeps most of his promises. I think that it would be easier to convince the "idiots in the middle" to vote for Trump over Hillary than any other Republican candidate. The other Republican candidates may have good ideas and plans, but the group of voters that will actually make the decision are too either stupid or don't have long enough attention spans to understand them

    2. Didn't realize you had a blog. I added it to my blogroll.

  2. Hey thanks, Neil - I will try to reciprocate as soon as I figure out how to do it! :)

  3. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.