I Love It!!! More Bad News for Tesla

For over two years now, I have been saying what an overpriced piece of crap the Tesla car is and that it remains alive solely through the life support of government subsidies. For those of you who are new readers, check this out.  

I try to keep you all posted on every bit of bad news about this scam of a company but it's hard to keep with it all.  Another quarter of operating at a loss - $47 million this time.  This won't go on forever, even with the subsidies.  Even Elon Musk isn't that stupid.  Sooner or later, he's gonna have to pull the plug.

The Tesla is doomed to the same fate as the 1970's AMC Pacer.  Everyone who wanted one, already bought one in the first years of production, and most of them will learn from experience not to repeat the same mistake. 

All I can say is HA, HA!!!!!!!!

source: National Legal and Policy Center

Elon Musk still hasn’t given up his quarterly earnings schtick – in which he glosses overongoing failures and points to his latest tech idea(which is not really new) – and why should he? No reason to quit until it’s clear Wall Street has stopped worshiping.
Oh, sure, after another dismal performance (operating loss of $47 million) for Tesla Motorsduring the most recent quarter, its stock price took an immediate dive of 9-10 percent. But while that merely returned the electric automaker back to irrational exuberance territory – as compared to the drunken sailor highs it has enjoyed in recent months – it didn’t take long for some market analyst to restore the inflation.
Update!!!  Update!!!

Tesla burns cash, loses more than $4,000 on every car sold

That's nothing.  The federal government loses $7500 on every Tesla sold.
source: Reuters

It's crunch time for Tesla Motors.
The Silicon Valley automaker is losing more than $4,000 on every Model S electric sedan it sells, using its reckoning of operating losses, and it burned $359 million in cash last quarter in a bull market for luxury vehicles. The company on Wednesday cut its production targets for this year and next. Chief Executive Elon Musk said he's considering options to raise more capital, and didn't rule out selling more stock.
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Tesla and Its Subsidies

source: National Review
Tesla and Its Subsidies Tesla Model S Signature (Bill Pugliano/Getty) SHARE ARTICLE ON FACEBOOKSHARE TWEET ARTICLETWEET PLUS ONE ARTICLE ON GOOGLE PLUS+1 PRINT ARTICLE EMAIL ARTICLE ADJUST FONT SIZEAA by PHIL KERPEN January 26, 2015 12:00 AM Most of the taxpayers who are subsidizing Tesla cars cannot afford to buy one. It’s natural to assume the enemy of your enemy is your friend, especially when the enemy in question is big government. So it should come as no surprise that many conservatives have rallied to the side of Elon Musk and his electric-car company, Tesla Motors, in their fights to change state auto-retailing laws so they can sell vehicles directly to consumers, without using franchised auto dealerships. Bans on direct sales don’t make much sense, and it would be great to have a less regulated automotive market. But it is dangerous to allow Tesla to portray itself as a free-market champion, because the company is actually a prodigious harvester of government favors and handouts.

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