I remember, back when I was a kid, my grandparents didn't like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, but, they did know who they were. 

 I never heard of this bitch until just now, and I bet that a lot of you never have either.  Fame isn't what it used to be.  Most celebrities today are known only by fans of them or their particular genre.

Take comfort in that the next time some obscure celebrity simultaneously offends you and makes an ass out of themselves.

source: Breitbrt

Ariana Grande, I think, maybe.

 Pop princess Ariana Grande has pulled out of this weekend’s free All-Star Game concert. Major League Baseball has “one less problem” without her.

Video caught Grande making disparaging comments about the United States on the Fourth of July while waiting to buy donuts. She also appears to lick a donut, to the disgust or delight of its eventual owner, sitting on the shop’s counter.
“I hate Americans,” Grande loudly tells her boyfriend. “I hate America.”
The remarks followed a store employee showing Grande a tray of large pastries.
Some call them “Danishes.” Others see “Viennese bread.” Ariana Grande thought, “American.”
Grande, who hails from Boca Raton and lives in Los Angeles, gained fame as a child star on Nickelodeon before transitioning into music. The 22-year-old boasts two number-one albums and earned a number-three hit along with Jesse J and Nicki Minaj on last year’s “Bang Bang,” which plays, like many of her songs, as a declaration of independence from her days as a child star: “Bang, bang into the room/Bang, bang all over you…Bang, bang there goes your heart/Back, back seat of my car.”
The 2015 All-Star Game plays in Cincinnati, where, presumably, “I hate America” doesn’t play well. The saying goes “as American as mom, baseball, and apple pie,” not “as anti-American as mom, baseball, and apple pie.”

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