Good Advice From the Feral Irishman Plus a Little of My Own

Below is a great post I found at The Feral Irishman. Excellent suggestions on how to fight back against government and liberalism.  I added a few more of my own at the bottom.

Friday, July 3, 2015

"Personal Sessesion" Thoughts on "Independance" Day Weekend....

The following is a random thoughts that I have hadduring the week at work.I'm sure there are plenty of websites and books about these points. I know I have read a few. Like "Going Galt" the best way you can. Or the book I read  was "Starving the Monkeys". Kinda long winded but good concept.  If you know of any others please leave it in the comments so others may benefit. The moonbats seem to be very good at boycotting and having their agenda pushed uponthe rest of the country.
Maybe it's time to start using their tactics to beat them. IT would also help to starve them of money.  
Stop feeding the system financially. (any way you can).
   Minimize your tax burden (anyway you can).
Don't, if at all possible, shop or spend money with left leaning businesses.
(search the web for liberal businesses, yes I know google is one, that's why I said
Do business with like minded people.
This old website from a few years ago was used by the left to shop at like-minded
places. Use it to NOT shop with those businesses  LINK
Don't go to the movies that have moonbat actors or directors. ( few choices I know)
Don't watch TV. ( it all sucks imho)

Don't go to sporting events if you know they are moonbat friendly or they support the agenda.
(Imagine if no one showed up at the events)
Don't speed or break the law. Don't give the law any reason to fine you.
Try to minimize the things that require permits or paying the state in any way.
If you are on a jury and the defendant is "one of us" and the crime ISN'T heinous
try jury nullification for a positive outcome.
Buy a hybrid, I did, I get 50 plus mpg vs. 16 in my pick-up.
My Ford Fusion is a great car.
Saving me over 500.00 a month in fuel costs.
Total fuel tax is HERE by state.  
How much gas tax am I saving at .42/.44 cents per gallon?  
I'm on the border of Mass and NH ( New Hampsshire has become northern MA due to the moonbats from MA that ruined it) Meal tax in NH is 9% in MA it's 6.25%. Although MA has
an option where the town can add an additional sales tax as well. ( check the local towns for the cheapest dining options if this applies)
Most states have no tax on groceries. Buy your food and prepare your own meals knowing you
aren't paying taxes.
Make your hobby into a business to get business discounts and write offs.
Even if you can do 10 percent of the above, that's 10 percent less that is put into the system.

Any ideas, thoughts, books or websites, feel free to add them in the comments..
  1. Pay off your home and never buy anything new and expensive again. I’m not saying you can’t have fun/nice things, just don’t burden yourself with monthly payments and pay unnecessary sales tax.  If you are considering buying anything that costs over $100, make sure you check out Craigslist first.  It’s filled with stuff other people found out they didn’t need or couldn’t afford and usually, you aren’t going to have to pay any sales tax.
  2. Do your home and car repairs yourself.  You’ll save money in five ways: 1) No sales tax on labor.  2) You will almost certainly pay less for parts/materials.  3) You will spend nothing on labor.  4) You won’t be talked into spending money on additional things that are not necessary.  5) And most importantly, Instead of wasting your time and money doing something like paying to see rich people play, act, or sing, you will be adding to your base of knowledge and repertoire of skills.  In other words, you will become a better, more useful human being.  They still haven’t found a way to tax that.
  3. Make new friends.  Instead of looking down on working people who make less than $100K per year, start hanging out with tradesmen and the like.  They can often help you out of a $1000 jam for a case of beer, and with the skills and knowledge you acquired by following the advice in item #2, you can pay them back in kind.  Once again, the government gets nothing.
  4. If you feel you must watch rich people play, act, or sing, don’t spend much money doing it. Watch sporting events on TV, watch movies on Netflix, and download free music.
  5. Homes are for shelter, not impressing friends and neighbors.  If you have a 3000 sq. ft. home instead of a 1500 sq. ft. one, you are probably giving your local government about $3000 more per year in property taxes, not to mention about twice sales tax you give to the state government on what you spend on upkeep and maintenance.
  6. Work at your job less, work for yourself more.  Let’s say you make $30 per hour, it takes an hour to mow your lawn, and you can hire someone to mow it for $30 per cutting.  Might as well pay someone else to do it, right?  Wrong.  You can’t pay for that lawn mowing with an hour’s work.  With all the taxes involved, it’s going to take more like an hour and a half to pay for that mowing.  Remember, whenever you pay someone a dollar to do something for you, it will cost you at least $1.50 worth of your own labor because of taxes. Plus when you do it yourself, you are at home, on your property, with your family.  You just might notice something while your mowing in any one of these areas that requires a little bit of your attention that you would miss if you were at work.  Don’t worry about the cost of the mower.  If you buy used and buy right, it’s just about nothing. If you have any brains and skill, you should be able to make a good used $1500 garden tractor last 30 years or more.
  7. Change your investment strategy.  Not all traditional investments pan out, and even when they do, the government’s always there to steal their cut. How about buying something that’s almost guaranteed to never lose its value, and provide you with hundreds of dollars of tax free savings/income per year instead.  Rather than throwing down $600 on some tech stock, consider buying a good used air compressor, or some other high end tool or machine.  It will often pay for itself on that first big job, and continue to pay for itself as long as you live.
  8. Remember, every dollar you get from your paycheck represents at least $1.50 of your labor.  The government gets the rest.  If you’re smart, you can keep the government’s hands off of most of the money you save.


  1. It is my conviction that starving animals addicted to handouts will only make them more aggressive and eventually, violent. Fiscal prudence is always a good idea...but eventually I think we are going to have to face the leftist scum and their monsters with violence and force. They will not die easily, nor will they be put to work or made productive without exhausting every other alternative first. It is just something to be mindful of in the days ahead - stock up on ammo and high cap mags!

    I like the system set up by certain communities in Greece. Small communities have got straight to barter and have computerized a system to help track and regulate transactions. Participants don't spend or receive a penny for their services or products - everything is done through a local centralized computerized system that allows them to function pretty much as they did before - without cash. The gov't can't tax them and certain parties are foaming at the mouth with rage because of it.

    I think eventually we are going to have to face the liberals and their failed social experiments with force and violence. They honestly think they are entitled to your wealth, that they should be able to tell you how much you can earn, and that they can spend any excesses better than you can. They will not give up their power, advantage and privilege readily.

    1. I agree with everything you say. What you mentioned about Greece sounds interesting. I might check out some news stories on that. I would have to imagine that most of the participants lean conservative in their political views and they've had it with the liberals who caused the mess there.

      As long as you mentioned Greece, we should keep a close eye on what's going on over there. I believe it will be a preview of things to come. Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, and Ireland are next, and I bet none of them will learn anything from those who fall before they do.

      If were lucky, we will witness enough nations fail due to liberal policies to make us change our ways, but I doubt it.