Typical Liberal

He had no problems with defying the traditional values of our culture until he noticed that it might have some direct negative consequences for him and his family. 

source: My Way
LONDON (AP) — Paul McCartney says he has given up marijuana after many years of indulgence and now prefers wine or "a nice margarita."
The former Beatle told the Daily Mirror he doesn't want to set a bad example for his children and grandchildren by using marijuana. He said Saturday his decision is "a parent thing."
He says "the last time I smoked was a long time ago."
McCartney had been a long-time marijuana user who spent 10 nights in jail after he was arrested trying to enter Japan with a large quantity of the drug in 1980.
The 72-year-old British rock/pop star is fit and has long advocated a vegetarian lifestyle. He continues to perform for adoring crowds worldwide. 

Apparently, he was never concerned about the examples he was setting for millions of his fans. It didn't matter to him, because he was getting  their money.  What a capitalist pig!

Typical liberal thought process - "I would should be able to do whatever I want and no one should be able to criticize me, but we should ban any behavior that I don't agree with."

Poor Paul.  What's he going to do if he ever finds out that vegetarianism and animal rights aren't such good ideas either?


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  2. In 1963 Paul you were Fab. In 2015 you are old, rich and silly. STFU now, mmmkay?

    1. And it's such a shame. You couldn't help but like at least some of his music. Why did he have to spoil so many people's enjoyment of it by becoming linked to goofy things like animal rights, and vegetarianism?

  3. I can't trust someone who takes something that is private & personal and then makes it public and political.