Wait a Minute, Wait a Minute! I Thought Guns Were Bad

By now you have all heard countless stories about students getting suspended and otherwise disciplined for bringing toy water guns to school, drawing pictures of guns, chewing pop tarts into gun-like shapes, or pointing their fingers and saying “bang, bang”, and why shouldn’t those students be punished?  After all, guns are... bad.  Right?  Right!

Even if you do not agree with that, you would certainly have to agree that any society that felt the need to severely punish a child playing with a toy or imaginary gun, would also seek the death penalty for any adult that held a child at gunpoint while committing a crime, right?  Wrong! We let the criminals off easy because racist three-year-olds are a far greater threat than guns. 

 I wonder what would happen to a student that brought a racist three-year-old to school?  He’d probably get the electric chair.

We may one day, run out of oil and natural gas, but we will never, never run out of ludicrous, ridiculous, hypocritical, illogical, inconsistent, actions and statements from the anti-gun crowd.

I have a lifelong project for you all:  From here on in, whenever you come across a news story about a crime involving a gun, check to see if the story says anything about whether the suspect was legally able to carry a gun.    
Often it is safe to assume that the suspect would not be able to legally carry a gun because the story might state that he has a felony record, but such stories seldom directly mention any violation of gun control laws.  Why?

Because that would undermine the gun control nuts agenda. If every gun crime story focused on whether the suspect was legally able to possess a firearm, it would only illustrate to the public how useless gun control laws are.  It would show that gun crimes are usually committed by violent thugs that have a long history of not obeying the law, and hardly ever committed by gun enthusiasts or by law abiding citizens concerned about having the ability to defend themselves.

If simply making something illegal, prevented it, there would already be no crime (gun or otherwise) at all.  Guns don’t kill people, people do, but if you mention what type of people commit the most gun crime on a percentage basis, you’ll be branded as a racist.    

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