The Gender Wage Gap is the Feminist's Best Friend

I ran across this dumb bitch while reading IOTW Report.  If you aren’t familiar with her, don’t feel bad.  Most people have never heard of her.  Prove this for yourself.  Count the number of people you have to ask before you find someone who knows who she is.

OK, so she’s a nobody. That’s not a crime.  Most people are nobodies.  The problem of course, is that she doesn’t realize that she is a nobody, and she actually thinks that someone gives a shit about her opinion.  Anyway, she seems to have a problem with the “gender wage gap” and even attempts to lie about being a “victim” of it.

Many people say that the gender wage gap is a myth. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but there is one group of people that better hope it is real.  They had better hope it is real, because it is their best friend.  In fact, it is their only hope of them ever reaching the goals they have set in their agenda.  The people in this group are referred to as feminists, and without a gender wage gap, they haven’t got a hope in hell. Why?  Read this.

Hey, that link is about cars.  What does it have to do with feminism and the gender wage gap?

It’s called an analogy, sports fans, and the economics of both are exactly the same.  Let’s take another look at the most pertinent part:


You've probably noticed that the 2014 Honda Civic seems to be winning most categories -- though we stress that it's rarely by a wide margin. That doesn't mean that the Honda is necessarily the best deal. On the contrary, a typical Elantra costs around $1,000 less than a similarly equipped Civic -- a big figure for two cars priced from less than $19,000 with shipping.

Which is the better value? To us, it depends on what you want. The Hyundai offers a highly similar experience to the Honda for about 95 percent of the price. Of course, it can't quite match the Civic in terms of fuel economy and safety, but if you're looking for a better deal, the Hyundai offers an excellent value in the compact-car world.

The article says you would get darned close to the same value purchasing either a Hyundai or a Honda.  If you had to choose one, which car would you buy?   Most likely, some of you would choose the Honda, and some of you would choose the Hyundai.

Now, what if both cars were the same price?  Virtually all of you would choose the Honda.  Why?  Because most people think the Honda is at least a slightly better car.  It may not be, but it is definitely perceived to be a better car, and that is all that really matters.  If similarly equipped Hondas and Hyundais were the same price, Hyundai would go out of business very quickly.  Being less expensive is Hyundai’s saving grace.

Hyundai has come a long way over the past fifteen years, and the day might come that the general public will consider a Hyundai to be equal or even superior to a Honda, but that could never happen unless Hyundais had been less expensive than Hondas for all these years.  If they were the same price, no one would have taken a chance with the Hyundai.

It’s the same way with employment.  It doesn’t matter if men and women are equal.  Employers perceive male employees as a better values, so they may be willing to pay them more.  On the hand, (if the gender wage gap is indeed, real) female employees could be a better value if they can be paid less.  Just like with Hyundai, women must deliver a better value for years, if not decades, before they change employer’s perceptions.

That’s not fair!  We should make a law that men and women be paid equally for the same work!

Well, we could and we have, made laws addressing this very matter.  Just remember which cars people would choose if Hondas and Hyundais were the same price.  The feminists are going to have to choose between laws that guarantee equal pay with fewer women hired, or competing in the free market and delivering a better value for their employers. If they're smart, they will choose option two. (What do you think are the chances of that happening?) Laws that force people to do things that they otherwise would not have done, only serve to reinforce their preconceived notions.

One more thing to all you feminists out there.  Being a better value than a man in the workplace is relatively easy.  All you have to do is rely on your old friend, the gender wage gap, and work for less.  

What would it take for women to earn the same pay as men in all situations?  Here’s a hint.  You know that guy that fixes his own car, does all his own home repairs, never pays anyone to things for him, and even does jobs for other people on the side?  Of course you do.  Almost everyone knows at least several guys like that.  Now, how many women do you know like that?  None?  Me either.  I know plenty of women that are experts in their particular field, but most of them are helpless in just about every other area.  You know - the lady doctor, lawyer, fill in the blank, can’t fix her car, lawn mower, fill in blank.

The mistake you feminists are making here is that the pay gap you are experiencing is based entirely on gender. There are plenty of men out there that are useless fucks outside of their particular fields, and they tend to make less than other men who have a broad field of knowledge. Not all men can truly take care of themselves, but a higher percentage of men can than women.

Knowledge is power and knowledge in one area is often extremely beneficial in another.  That's why men are paid more. The day women as a rule, get paid the same as men for the same type of job, is the day when it won’t be uncommon for the lady doctor, lawyer, fill in the blank, to be spending her weekends running chainsaws, welding, building hot rods, fill in the blank. How many of you feminists are willing to become that type of person? Anybody? Anybody? None? Well, at least you now know why you are paid less than men.


  1. They are killing us.

    The other day I was training some iron workers on some tools and when I finished up at coffee time, I packed up my crap, hopped in the truck and proceeded to leave.

    As I was drivin out I got flagged down by some fat, ugly cunned stunt about 100 yards away. She gave me supreme shit for driving my truck on company property during coffee time!


    Apparently, Occupational Health & Safety decreed that during coffee the iron workers are walking around and heading in and out of the wash cars and the lunch trailer...and the potential for somebody getting run over was just to great to allow vehicles to move during coffee time! (The yard speed limit is 10 KPH - yes, KILOMETERS per hour - this is Canada dontchya know...).

    In my case, the yard was completely empty except for four women standing around holding STOP signs. I couldn't believe it! It's women driving chit like this. Phoney 'jobs' like that are nothing more than affirmative action for women and I am not having any of it. While the hag scolded I just pulled my cell, called the yard foreman and politely asked him to call off his dog. You should have seen the disappointment on that stupid bitch's face when the man angrily told her to let me go and stop bothering people.

    It numbs the fuggin mind: what other kind of OHS ass hattery are these clucky spinsters driving? How much does it cost to post 4 idiot women in an empty steel yard to hold up STOP signs that nobody sees?

    I hate to say it but we seriously need another depression. We have too much money and no common sense.

    1. Your last sentence says it all. No matter what happens, no matter what we do, we must eventually pay some type of price for it. We have just experienced over three quarters of a century of extremely easy living. The price we paid for that is the loss of common sense. We will soon have to pay the price for the loss of common sense and that price is going to be much, much higher.