Wisdom of Confucius Lives on in Chinese Car Buyers

"Expensive electric car is big piece of shit."
                                                    - Confucius
                                                                      -if he were alive today

source: City AM

Tesla to cut 180 of China staff as sales fail to meet expectations

Tesla will be cutting about 180 employees from 600 in China

Electric car maker Tesla Motors yesterday said it was cutting about 30 per cent of its staff in China.
Tesla, led by billionaire Elon Musk, will eliminate some positions as it makes structural changes to its business in China, Gary Tao, a local spokesman for the car­ maker, said. He added, however, that he didn’t know how many jobs would be affected.
Chinese newspaper Economic Observer reported earlier Tesla would eliminate 180 of the 600 positions at its China unit because sales had not met expectations.
“The purpose is to better respond to the Chinese market,” Tao said.
“The team remains stable and strong.”
Isn't it interesting how the Chinese are reacting to the Tesla?
Maybe it's because they don't have the media pushing this overpriced piece of crap, and their government isn't bribing people to buy one.   

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