This means ANYTHING I do is OK

By now, you all know what I think a car should look like.

Ooh it's a killing machine it's got everything
Like a driving power, big fat tires, and everything

Some of you might not agree with me.  Some of you may say that I'm an idiot, but you know what?  Most of the cars I've had have been low budget rides.  If it weren't for me, many of them would have ended their lives years before I finally got rid of them.  I always felt that this gave me a license to do pretty much whatever I wanted to the cars I have owned.

One thing's for sure:  You take all the air shocks and spring shackles I added, all the holes I cut in dashboards to install cheap gauges and stereos, all the bald 50 series tires and rusty and/or pitted mismatched wheels I've installed, all the homemade, flex pipe, dual exhaust "systems" I've created, all the holes I hacked into perfectly good hoods and covered with tin box hood scoops, and all the gallons and gallons of bondo I used over the years... take all that combined, and it still doesn't even come close to the crime that was committed here:


The brand-new $150,000 Camaro rat-rod

There are hot rods. There are rat rods. Then there's this: A new Camaro SS that's been speed-rusted and deglossed into junkyard condition while getting a 1,000-hp supercharged engine — and it only cost $150,000. Long Island hot rodders Dave Sherer and Anthony Musilli often show off their well-restored rides during Hot Rod magazine's annual Power Tour. For this year tour with the 2010 Camaro's owner Bill Rombauts, Sherer said they wanted something no one would expect.
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Speed rusted?  Are you kidding me?

As if that wasn't bad enough, someone else thought that this was a good idea too.

source: GM Authority

Fortunately, this is just simulated with vinyl wrap.  

Unlike another rat rodded fifth-gen, the Chevy Camaro you see here didn’t undergo days’ worth of sanding and other forms of abuse; instead, this car — seen at the 43rd annual National Street Rod Association Show in Louisville Kentucky — wears a wrap to furnish it with a look that gives off the impression that it’s been to hell and back… even though it hasn’t.

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All of this evil already happened years ago, but this is the first I've ever heard of it.  

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