It's just that easy...

...and that's the main reason I'm a Chevy guy.

I found video below at It Aint Holy Water.  Usually people watch videos to see something new, but for me, there's also something very comforting about viewing a process where I intimately know every part and procedure (except for the machine work) involved.  

A small block Chevy is like an old friend. Over thirty years of interchangeable parts to choose from, and it bolts right up to almost every bell housing/transmission used in Chevy rear wheel drive cars and light trucks.  That's why us Chevy guys' cars are up and running while the Ford and Mopar guys are running around looking for compatible parts. 

How do they make the fan spin at the end of this video?

This ain't this motor's first rodeo.  You can tell by the blue paint on the timing cover and full metal cam sprocket, that it has had its timing chain replaced at least once.  If the intake manifold is original, it is probably a 1968 or newer.  If the remnants of orange paint on the block are original, it's probably a 1976 or older.   If the exhaust manifolds installed in the end of the video are original, that would indicate it's from the '60's.

It looks like they are using header gaskets rather than stock exhaust gaskets.

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