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Rich, stupid, spoiled white kids. (At least that’s what the comments say.)

source: The Daily Mail

University of Michigan fraternities and sororities caused $500,000 damage to ski resort after Animal House-style party- but students are 'REFUSING to pay'

  • University of Michigan fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu was the first to be blamed for a destructive party at Treetops Resort earlier this month
  • It has since been revealed that the party was co-hosted by members of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority
  • Meanwhile, four other Michigan fraternities and sororities have been accused of exacting $25,000 in damage to another resort in Harbor Springs
  • The owner of Treetops Resort is looking into suing for damages  

A ski resort has issued the University of Michigan with a bill for half a million dollars after six fraternities and sororities staged a huge party that tore apart the hotel in an Animal House-style melee.
Originally, it was estimated the college students caused around $75,000 damage at Treetops Resort during a ski trip in January.
But a full assessment of the 45 rooms and connecting hallway - which was stripped of its ceiling - plus the loss of revenue, and damage to the brand's reputation has seen that figure multiply by six.
And according to Barry Owens, general manager of Treetops in Gaylord, the fraternity that originally apologized for the damage - Sigma Alpha Mu - is refusing to pay up.


What could be be worse than that?  Well, how about this?  I’ll leave it up to you racists crackas to decide whether the story below is the work of rich, spoiled, stupid white kids or not.  (Looking at the comments section is cheating.)

source: CBS Atlanta

Birmingham, Ala. (CBS ATLANTA) – A Facebook feud led to the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old Alabama girl after the social media dispute turned into a deadly planned brawl at a park.
The Birmingham Police Department says Kierra’onna Rice, 14, was shot and killed on Friday evening during a planned fight with several other girls at a park on Washington Avenue, WVTM-TV reports. The fight, which investigators say spilled over from a Facebook dispute, was intended to be videotaped and then posted online.
As the fight ensued, two teenage boys allegedly pulled out guns and started shooting, killing Rice and wounding two others who are expected to recover, WIAT-TV reports.
Birmingham police arrested two suspects who were identified by witnesses. The names of the suspects, ages 17 and 19, have not been released until formal charges are filed.
Several friends and community leaders expressed their shock and sadness at the incident.
“She was a good person,” friend Diamond Davis recalled to WVTM. “She never had any trouble. She was never in anything. She was a good person. She liked to help people.”
Herman Henderson, a Birmingham pastor and president of the Stop the Violence movement, said it’s time for parents in the community to step up to the responsibility of raising their children.
“We going to reach these daddies, we going to reach these mothers, and we’re going to tell them this is senseless,” Henderson told WVTM. “Where are they getting the guns from? Where are they learning to be so violent at a young age? What happened to the curfew that was put in place?”
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