Frankly, I don't get the whole "Upset with pictures of Muhammad" thing.

The way a normal, sane person would react to another normal, sane person:

"Who's that?"  

"Why, that's you." 

"That is not a picture of me.  It looks nothing like me and is no closer a representation of me than of anyone else.  Therefore, I do not consider it a picture of me"

"I guess I'll have to agree with you there, especially since I have never even seen you."

"Yeah, no biggie, I mean you can go ahead and think it's a picture of whoever you want it to be.  I'm certainly not going to get upset about it.  In fact, this is probably the last time I will ever even think about it."

The way a radical Muslim would react to a normal, sane person:

"Who's that?"

"Why, that's Muhammad"

"You must die!"