Mega-skanks abroad

Their mother must be so proud.

source: The Daily Mail

Two American sisters arrested in Cambodia after stripping off and taking nude photos inside the sacred Angkor Wat temple

  • Lindsey Adams, 22, and her sister Leslie, 20, arrested at Angkor
  • They 'lowered their pants to their knees and photographed their buttocks'
  • Police officials outraged, said the land is 'sacred' 
  • They are charged with trafficking porn and exposing sexual organs 
  • Handed six-month suspended jail terms and fined $250 each
  • Deported to Thailand by bus, banned from Cambodia for four years 

Two sisters have been arrested in Cambodia for taking naked photos of each other inside the country's holy Angkor temple.
Lindsey Adams, 22, and her 20-year-old sister Leslie, from Prescott, Arizona, were discovered taking 'nude pictures' inside the Preah Khan temple at the world heritage site on Friday.
Local police said the women 'lowered their pants to their knees and took pictures of their buttocks.'
The pair have been fined 1 million riel ($250) each, given six-month suspended jail sentences and are currently being deported by bus to Thailand, reports claim. 
They have been banned from returning to Cambodia for four years. 

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STD poster children

Girls gone wild?  No. It's not like these sluts got naked at a hot tub party, or entered a wet T-shirt contest at a biker event. (Although I'm sure they have done both, many times before.)  It's way past any of that.

These skanks were taking naked pictures of themselves on sacred ground, in a foreign country.

These are the kind of chicks that do horses and then post it on the internet.


  1. The judge should have had them caned for good measure....nothing teaches a lesson about behavior like having your backside lit up.

    1. Absolutely! Or even better, have them thrown in a Cambodian prison. I can just see Obama going to great lengths to have them released, even though he let one of our Marines sit in a Mexican prison.

  2. Must be feminists....Even the term is an insult. There is nothing feminine about them. Idiots.

    1. Hey! Good to hear from ya! Long time. I see you're really banging out the posts at the Conservative Wife. Good job! Keep on truckin'.

    2. Hey Neil... I know it's been a while. And to be honest. I use a program called Feed Demon. I can pull feeds from whatever news outlet I want and then when I see a story I like I click blog this and presto....blogged on my blog. Cheating I know but it has helped me stay afloat so to speak. Every know and then I write an original post. But I do come visit ya...usually around 3 am or so when I'm so tired I'm not sure if I am even reading or just looking at the
      Hopefully soon I will be able to get back at it like I used to.

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