Just an idea, maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't

Since I never have lived in a large city, there might be some reason that I didn’t think of, that this wouldn’t work, but for what its worth, here’s something I thought of a while back.

When facing a major winter storm and you don’t want to risk having your vehicle ticketed, towed or damaged, and you don’t want to deal with finding a place to park your car, or pay to park elsewhere, consider doing this.

Take your car to a repair shop, have them fix something minor, or do some regular maintenance on it.  Tell them you will pick it up in a couple days, and in the mean time, take a taxi or public transportation.  Once the streets are cleared, go pick up your car.  It will only cost you what you were going to have to spend on the vehicle eventually anyway, and your car will be safe from the hazards of being left on the streets during a major snow event the whole time.

I think you could also use this tactic to avoid paying parking fees when visiting a city for a day. Just go to a service center nearest to the place you are going to visit, drop it off for an oil change or whatever, and pick your car up when your business is finished.  I bet that in many cases, a parking fee would be a substantial percentage of the service charge, and you would have had to eventually spend the money on service anyway.

Now I sure that in many cases, for whatever reason, this just won’t work, and maybe all you city dwellers already know this trick, but maybe this advice might be of value to someone in some particular situation.


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