I'm Lovin' It!

For two years, I have been telling you what a piece of crap the Tesla Car is, and everyday, a few more people learn for themselves that I was right.

source: Fox Business

Tesla 4Q Loss Widens, Deliveries Miss Target

Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!
In case you're not familiar with them, this is the Tesla car.  Oh wait, what?  It's not?  Well, just wait a few years, and most people will view them the same way they view AMC Pacers.  Remember, the Pacer was a hit when it was first introduced, until everyone that wanted one, had one.  The rest of the public just stood back and laughed as the Pacer buyers found out first hand why the cars they bought weren't all they were cracked up to be.  Very few repeat buyers.  The same will hold true for the Tesla.  At least the government didn't have to bribe people to buy the Pacer. 

Tesla Motors (TSLA) posted a wider loss in the fourth quarter and missed Wall Street expectations as full-year vehicle deliveries fell short.
The electric car maker said Wednesday it lost $108 million, or 86 cents a share, compared to $16.2 million loss, or 13 cents a share, in the same period a year earlier. On an adjusted basis, Tesla booked a loss of 13 cents a share.
Revenue surged 56% to $956.7 million. On an adjusted basis, revenue was up 44% at $1.1 billion.
Analysts were looking for an adjusted profit of 31 cents a share on revenue of $1.23 billion.
Tesla shares fell 2.3% to $207.81 in after-hours trading. The stock is down 4.3% since the start of 2015.
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Update!  Update!
I found this at IOTW Report.  I guess that I should give them some credit.  Plus, I found this in the comments section of their post.  Now I got even more ammo against the Tesla!  What a piece of shit.  Anyone who bought, or even entertained the idea of buying a Tesla is an idiot.

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