How much do you wanna bet...

...that the people in favor of this are among the group of people who fear that global warming will destroy the human race?

source: Express

Three-parent babies could risk the future of the human race, warn 55 Italian MPs

THREE-PARENT babies could risk the future of the human race by "modifying genetic heritage in an irreversible way", warned 55 Italian MPs.

The group of Italian politicians have called on the House of Lords to reject a law to allow so-called three-parent babies - stating the notion "cannot possibly be contained within the confines of the United Kingdom".
The stern warning comes after MPs in Britain voted overwhelmingly in favour of the controversial technique of mitochondrial donation - which would allow children to be conceived with genetic material from a trio of individuals.
In a strongly worded letter to The Times, the Italian Mps wrote that the legalisation of such a technique "could have uncontrollable and unforeseeable consequences, affecting future generations and modifying genetic heritage in an irreversible way, inevitably affecting the human species as a whole".
The letter also argues that "the greater part of the scientific community maintain that the scientific data currently available is insufficient to even consider intervention on human subjects, and there cannot therefore be any guarantee for the safety of any eventual off-spring".
And how much do you wanna bet that the the people in favor of that are the same people in favor of one parent babies?

At least the above story is about a technology that is not has not yet seen widespread use yet, so it’s negative consequences are still debatable.  The negative effects of only having one parent per child are well known, and we not only allow that, we subsidize it.  Watch this:

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