Theory number two

Obama is an Islamist superhero.

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

It has already been suggested that the White House could be a Islamist terrorist sleeper cell, but what if it goes even deeper than that? What if Obama is not only indirectly responsible for recent acts of terrorism, but actually committed many terrorist acts by himself, or more accurately, by his alter ego, Crescentman? What if Obama is actually an Islamist superhero? 

It would explain a lot.  From his questionable background, which fits well into the typical mysterious superhero profile, to his anti-American rhetoric and actions.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence is the "Where was Clark Kent when this happened" coincidences, as pointed out by Lubbock Online -

Would this explain why the location of President Obama is apparently still unknown during the time of the Islamic Terrorist attack on the United States Consulate and Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi?  What of Obama’s disappearance during the time of the Islamic Terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo?
Now you might accuse me of throwing together a number of random facts and observations and using them to come up with some outlandish story, but that worked well for the global warming nuts. Look how far they've gotten with their theory.


  1. Hey Neil;

    As crazy as it actually makes sense......would explain much

  2. Obviously, I wrote this in jest, but I believe that someday, if the truth about this man ever does actually come to the surface, we will learn things that are every bit as much shocking and incredible.

  3. Personally I think he is a faggot too.

    1. A lot of people think he's a faggot, but I think saying that would be an insult to faggots, and we wouldn't want to offend them.