Never Give Into Liberal Demands - Never, Ever, Ever

You haven’t seen this headline anywhere yet, have you?

Obesity Rates Falling Rapidly in U.S.

Why?  I mean, haven’t the liberals been pounding on this issue for over thirty years?  Wouldn’t you think that with all the effort and (other people’s) money they've spent, we’d be hearing some success stories as a result of it?  Wouldn’t you think that after three decades (or more) of them spending tax money and curtailing freedom of choice (Aren’t they supposed to be all about the freedom to choose?  Oh yeah, that only applies to killing unborn babies.) that we would have seen at least some progress from the progressives’ efforts?

In this particular area, (The “War on Obesity”), however, we haven’t seen any positive results at all.  This might lead one to believe that the progressives are ineffective, but they are actually something much worse.  They are destructive.  Not just to conservatives and the things conservatives stand for, but to the very people they claim to be advocates of.  There are countless examples of this, but the fast food industry and McDonalds, in particular, is an example that just can’t seem to stay out of the headlines for more than a few days.  Check this out:


Fast food workers prepare to escalate wage demands

 CHICAGO (AP) - Fast food workers say they're prepared to escalate their campaign for higher wages and union representation, starting with a national convention in suburban Chicago where more than 1,000 workers are expected to discuss the future of the effort that has spread to dozens of cities in less than two years.
About 1,300 workers will attend sessions Friday and Saturday at an expo center in Villa Park, Illinois, where they'll be asked to do "whatever it takes" to win $15-an-hour wages and a union, said Kendall Fells, organizing director of the national effort and a representative of the Service Employees International Union.
Read more.  Don’t bother, you’ve seen it all a million times before.

Here’s a quick self-diagnosis for you to see if you’re a liberal or conservative.  If you are a liberal, you will wonder what an article about fast food workers’ strikes have to do the “War on Obesity”, but if you are a conservative, you will understand immediately.  For all you liberals out there, heres another article that might help get you up to speed.

source: Daily Finance

Sales Fall at 'Broken' McDonald's

McDonald'sGetty ImagesNot all is happy in McDonaldland.

McDonald's reported its first-quarter earnings Friday morning, and while profit rose slightly, comparable-store sales in the U.S. fell 1.2%. Things were even worse abroad, with comparable sales in Asia, the Middle East and Africa falling 3.3%.

In a statement accompanying the filing, McDonald's (MCD) CEO Don Thompson cited "global economic headwinds" and a "challenging eating-out environment."

The poor sales don't come as a complete shock. While the company reportedimproved profits in the fourth quarter of 2012, it also saw sales decline in key foreign markets and dealt with a drop in operating profit margins.

Still don’t get it libs?  Well let’s go back in time, before you guys managed to screw everything up.

There was a time, back when gas was inexpensive, fast cars were cheap, and McDonalds was awesome.  I went to McDonalds quite often, at least several times per week, and so did almost all of my friends, and the reason we went was because we liked their food.  Back in the “70’s, if I was in the mood for a burger and fries, McDonalds was always my first choice.  Nowadays, I only go there if I’m in a hurry, need to get something to eat quickly, and get back on the road.  This situation only comes up only once every few months.

Now that’s just me, but I have noticed that when I’m with people, they seldom suggest eating at McDonalds.  You might be tempted to say that’s just because my friends and I have gotten older, and our taste have changed, but even when we have kids in the car, no one seems to be that tripped about going to Mickey D’s.  When I was young, all us kids loved going to there, and more often than not, the adults were happy to oblige.  It was fast, cheap, and it made the kids happy.  It’s just not that way anymore.  No wonder sales are down.

What changed?  Us people?  No.  It's the food.  McDonald's just isn’t as good as it used to be, and a large part of it is because they buckled under the pressure of progressive do-gooders rather than listening to their customers.  

In response to concerns about the amount of fat and calories in their food, fast food restaurants have made changes. Taste has suffered and so have sales.  In other words, they are making less money.  Now I’m not saying that this the only reason for the dip in sales, but it certainly is a major one.

You liberals need to ask yourselves:

“Why are fat people, fat?”


No, it’s not McDonald's.  Fat people are fat because they choose to eat as much as they do, rather than listening to people like doctors, friends, family members, etc. If they aren’t going to listen to these people, what makes you think that they are going to listen to you liberals out there?

Now don’t feel so bad.  There are some people who listened to you about the fat and calories in fast food.  You know who they were?  I’ll give you a hint.  The fat people are still going to McDonald's at the same rate as they were before.  All you liberals managed to do, is drive people without weight problems away from fast food through your fear mongering and forcing restaurants to provide food that doesn’t taste as good, resulting in a dip in sales.

If McDonald's (and other fast food chains) are bringing in less money, guess who they have less money to give in pay.  That’s right, the fast food workers.  The very same people that the liberals claim to support, and this is just one example.  The thing people need to understand is that almost everything that liberals try to force upon the free market does the same type of thing.

So now my liberal friends, do you honestly think that if the  unions and the striking fast food workers succeed at getting $15 per hour (or anything anywhere near that), that things will be better for them as a whole?  Remember, it’s people that think like you that are primarily responsible for the dip in fast food sales.  What do you think will happen if you start squeezing the fast food restaurants from both sides by dramatically increasing their costs?  

It’s tough to say exactly what would happen, but I assure you it won’t be 100% of the current fast food workers making a “living wage” and living happily ever after.

Wanna Know What I've Been Doing?

If so, just click on the "Right Side of the Road" button, just below the "Golden Geese" header.  I'll be back to blogging just as soon as I get all this shit taken care of.  Don't forget about me.  I'll post some more stuff here and there, till summer's over, then, I plan to be back at it every day.

Where Have I Been? What Have I Been Doing?

Just in case you are interested, I haven't died and I haven't quit blogging.  There is just some shit that I have to get done before winter.  

 The first thing is getting my Toyota truck rebuilt and a snowplow mounted on it.  I hit a deer with this truck back in 2008, and it's been sitting in the shed ever since.  I've done some work to it over the years, like rebuild the front end, replaced the brakes, and painted the frame, but it has definitely been a back burner project. 

I've been pushing my luck relying on just one truck.  This Toyota could never replace my GMC one ton, but I think it could get me by in the event that I had a breakdown, as long as we didn't have too big a snow fall.  Plus, I think it would be nice to have a truck that got more than 10 mpg.

OK, I admit it.  I got a personality flaw.  Many people, when buying something, will try buy the best thing they can find.  I try to find the worst.  It's like a challenge to me to see if I can bring a rough piece of equipment back to life.

I scored a plow for this Toyota for $200.  Not bad when you consider that some people are paying $6000 and more for a new plow, installed, but I'll tell ya, every component of this plow needed serious attention.  The blade, quadrant, A-frame, pump, truck-side mount, headlights, and controller were all shot.  Anyone with any common sense would have considered any these components, junk, and just thrown them away.

On the other hand, after spending another $200 - $300, I will have this $200 wreck of a plow looking and functioning like new.

Here's what I've got done so far:

Primed and ready for paint.  Still have to build a flatbed and a truck side snowplow mount for it.

3/8 x 6 inch flat stock for new cutting edge on left.  Look how worn the old one on right is. 

A closer look.  Two more snows, and I would have been eating away at my blade - not good.

Snow blades painted and ready to go. (Some assembly required)

Those flat semi-circular plates are Pro-Wing attachments.  Last time I checked, they're about $250.  I think I can build another set myself, for about $50. 
Pump and controller, both rebuilt and ready to go.

What's left of my truck side mount.  That's all I got to work with sports fans.  Everything between these top and bottom pieces was Mickey Mouse, hillbilly-welded junk.  Not even good enough for the scrap iron pile, but when I'm done with it, you won't ever be able to tell the difference from it and a genuine Western Snowplow factory issue piece.

Those are the snowplow lights on top of that pallet.  Even they had to be rebuilt.  They're 90% plastic, but any thing made of steel, including the screws was totally rusted away.  They got plastic sealed beam lights.  I figured for sure they would be burned out.  To my amazement, they both work, both high and low beams.  I bet at least one burns out, the first time I use 'em, which is both good and bad news.  Glass replacements will probably last ten years or more, but sealed beam lights have gotten kinda pricey, now that they haven't been standard equipment on new cars for over 20 years.

American Superiority

Seen at Just a Car Guy

Price per horsepower:

Corvette Z06:        $123
SRT Viper:            $195
Lambo Huracan:   $398
LaFerrari:              $1474
And added by me:
Any old piece of shit Ford, Chevy or Mopar with a V8 that I can find:                         $10

I rest my case.  American cars are the best value on the planet, followed closely by Japanese cars.  Why would anyone buy anything else?

Joan Rivers Has Always Been Shocking

source:  Gossip Cop

Joan Rivers Calls President “Gay,” Michelle Obama “Tranny” — Watch Video Here


Joan Rivers calls President Obama “gay” and describesMichelle Obama with a homophobic slur in a new video.
Asked by a street reporter whether a gay president or a female president will take office first, Rivers replied, “We already have it with Obama.”
“You know Michelle is a tr*nny,” she went on. “A transgender. Weall know.”
As Gossip Cop previously reported, Rivers officiated a gay wedding on Monday.
Last week, she was threatened with a lawsuit for jokes she made about Kristen Stewart.
Check out the video below, and tell us what you think of Rivers’ comments.

What Have I Been Telling You All This Time?

Tesla cars are expensive P.O.S.  They're a joke, and they're every bit as much as a safety and fire hazard as any Ford Pinto.

source: Proof Positive

Stolen Tesla Car-B-Que in So Cal

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I know! It's hardly news any more! But, down in southern California, some enterprising soul decided that, perhaps, an Obamaphone, Obamacare and unemployment were not nearly enough, and the world owed this fellow an electric car!

Fiery crash involving stolen Tesla shuts down La Brea Avenue

This stolen car was being pursued by the police when it hit a light pole, split in two, whereupon half the carcaught fire and the other half impacted a building and wedged itself between two walls.

I don't know about you, but when I read the words "fiery crash" and "split in two" describing an automobile accident, my Spidey sense starts to tingle! Now I realize that there were extenuating circumstances here, namely a high speed chase in a stolen car. Still, it's not hard to imagine someone driving on the freeway at a goodly percentage of that speed, maybe blowing a tire, slicing, dicing and sautéing their shiny new Tesla around a stationary object, or shredding itself on the nearest sixteen wheeler.

We have noted the propensity of electric cars to catch fire herehere, and here. That doesn't even count the retrofits, like Neil Young's famous car-B-que.

Caveat emptor.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
An atomic wedgie that just won't quit!

Then Why are Gas Prices So High?

Do you remember, a long time ago, back in the '70's, stories about gas prices in Saudi Arabia only being about $.19/gal?  Now that we are the biggest oil producer, shouldn't we have ridiculously low gas prices here in the U.S.?

source: Bloomberg

U.S. Seen as Biggest Oil Producer After Overtaking Saudi Arabia

Photographer: Ken James/Bloomberg
Oil pumps stand at the Chevron Corp. Kern River oil field in Bakersfield, California.
The U.S. will remain the world’s biggest oil producer this year after overtakingSaudi Arabia and Russia as extraction of energy from shale rock spurs the nation’s economic recovery, Bank of America Corp. said.
U.S. production of crude oil, along with liquids separated from natural gas, surpassed all other countries this year with daily output exceeding 11 million barrels in the first quarter, the bank said in a report today. The country became the world’s largest natural gas producer in 2010. The International Energy Agency said in June that the U.S. was the biggest producer of oil and natural gas liquids.