The Bad-0-Meter: What Really Scares Me About Obama

What really scares me about Obama is that I am always wrong about him.  I've never been wrong about him being bad for america, but I have always come up short when assessing just how bad he really is.  At least I'm not alone on this.  Rush and many other conservative commentators, readily admit being guilty of the same thing.  Of course, even if anyone would have been able to see the future back when Obama was first elected, it wouldn't have done any good.

If Rush, I, or anyone else, had predicted that Obama was going to be even half as bad for America as he actually has been back in 2008, everyone would have said that such a person was a racist, right wing fringe, lunatic.  Many accused us of that anyway.

This might be easier to explain with visualization.  Imagine that we all have a "Bad-O-Meter" in our brains. Back in 2008, many conservatives thought they had Obama all figured out and they predicted that he was going to be this bad:

But after things like Pigford, the Fast and Furious, NSA spying, and IRS scandals, etc., it turned out that he was this bad:
He broke our Bad-O-Meters by burying the needle to the left, and we had to have them sent out to be repaired and recalibrated.  We then thought we were all good, we finally knew what Obama was all about, and our Bad-O-Meters read like this...
...and then we got comfortable with thinking we knew exactly how bad he actually was.  But then, we had the whole illegal immigrant amnesty thing, and our Bad-O-Meters went back to this:
Now this whole Bad-O-Meter repair/recalibration thing is getting kind of inconvenient and expensive, but what really worries me is this - What if we are still wrong about Obama?  If we reset our Bad-O-Meters to read like this...
 ...when taking amnesty for illegals and everything else he has done in the past year or so into account, what in the world is he going to do next to make our Bad-O-Meters read like this...
...during the next two years?  I honestly don't even know what it could be, or how anything could be that bad, but as history has proven, I've been wrong before.


  1. Hey Neil,

    That is what really scares me...He really holds the American people in contempt. he is a total ideologue and he was spot on when he said that he would "Fundamentally change America" he has 2 more years to do more damage and I fear that we may not be able to come back from that.

    1. And when it all falls down, the American people they will be more than willing to give up whatever remaining freedom they still have in exchange for obedience to a government that promises to "take care of them".

  2. Once raised a muslim, always a muslim. Doesn't matter what he says. You only had to look at his parents and grandmother....totally commie. Submerged in left wing ideals since birth. People who did their homework knew who he was and weren't fooled.

    1. Yes, but even if you knew that all along, you couldn't have said it back in 2007 (heck, you can't even say it among liberals now, without getting verbally assaulted) without being branded a racist, so what good would it have done?