It's Time for Police to Go on Strike

Enough of this shit.


Ferguson Protests Nationwide

Video: #MillionsMarchNYC Protesters Chant “What Do We Want? Dead Cops! When Do We Want It? Now!”

What the hell do the police have unions for, if they aren't going to try to do something about this.

They should go on strike.  Not for more pay, not for better benefits, but for respect.

They should refuse to be on patrol at events like the one above, and let the chips fall where they may.  You know that those protesters wouldn't have the maturity and self-discipline to control themselves and act like civilized human beings, if they knew they were in no danger of getting arrested if they got out of line.

The police should also refuse to patrol the neighborhoods where most of these protesters come from.  Let's see how many dead cops they would want if that happened.

Furthermore, the police should demand that people in the media shut up and stop telling lies about cops, and demand that any of them who have, be deputized, wear a uniform, and go on extended ride alongs with police, until they either apologize and retract their anti-police lies, or get killed by the thugs that police have to deal with.

This would put an end to all this crap really quick.  It would also be enjoyable to watch the left wrestle with the dilemma of which group they should support - unions (which they always claim to support) or lawless thugs.  I'd bet they'd choose the lawless thugs.

No matter, if the police went on strike, public support for these protesters who refuse to understand what actually happened in Ferguson, MO and refuse to respect our judicial system, would vanish almost immediately, and maybe the loud mouth leftists would vanish with it.  

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