A Guy that Deserves Respect

Check out this comment I received opposing my point of view..  It's not the usual knee-jerk emotional crap.  It is well thought out, clear, and concise.  I felt it was deserving of its own post because I can't even remember someone countering one of my arguments and making sense at the same time.  I don't even know who this guy is, but he has my full respect.

Well, there is one problem with your analogy, as given: you know of the existence of the $5,000. Therefore, you have a way to sift truth from untruth when interrogating Ryan. He can't misdirect or misinform you, except within the parameters of your game. Also, you and Ryan are of the same culture, and you can read his 'tells' to a greater or lesser extent.

Now, admittedly, I am not a spy or a torturer, so I am only speculating about the ability of same to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to tortured prisoners singing to you. But, the track record of the CIA would suggest that the torturers are not as bright as the movies would like you to think. Also, any student of human nature would suggest that torturers are more than likely drawn to torture because they are sociopaths and would like nothing better than to torture "legally" for fun and profit, in the manner of Josef Mengele. Which is to say, that extracting useful information and being intelligent and well-trained enough to recognize useful information from bullshit, are lesser concerns to torturers than the kicks involved in torturing a prisoner. How many 'patriots' do you think work for the CIA, etc.? FWIW.
  1. That is an excellent comment. I'm really impressed, and I'm not being facetious. I can't ever remember being countered by a better argument. Your's was clear, concise, and convincing. My hat's off to you. You did a very good job.

    That being said, I still believe that if it were I, that someone was trying to get information from, I would be much more likely to reveal that information if they were torturing me, as opposed to using any other information gathering technique.

    What you said in your last paragraph is almost certainly true, but all things considered, that does not mean that would necessarily a negative when it came to extracting information. If a country, crime syndicate, or whatever, had a reputation having of people like you described, in charge of interrogation, I would have to imagine that any prisoners would be spilling their guts(figuratively) before they even got near the interrogation room, where they feared they would be spilling their guts, literally

    Maybe, your last paragraph holds the key to avoiding unnecessary torture while still being effective at retrieving information. We don't need to be ruthless, all we need is the reputation of being ruthless. Of course, that would mean being ruthless to a few unfortunate souls and allowing it to be made public..

    The simple fact is, that is an awful, scary business, where the other side is almost certainly not going to follow any new rules we set for ourselves about holding back, which gives our enemies not only an advantage at efficient extraction of information, it also gives them a psychological advantage against any of our captured operatives, who would be certain what awaits them is guaranteed to be more harsh than anything we could ever dish out. Likewise, enemy operatives would consider us weak and have little cause to give us any information they may have.

    Thank you for the comment. Once again, it was awesome. It almost convinced me to change my mind, but not quite.

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