Why Any American Jew Would Vote Democrat is Beyond Me.

source: Israel Hayom

Arabs kill Jews, US urges restraint

It is not clear when a widespread and growing terror campaign becomes officially ‎labeled as a new intifada (the "car intifada" terminology is now being thrown ‎around).
In any case, as they have done many times before, the Palestinians have ‎shown that one area in which they are willing to innovate is to find new ways of ‎killing Jews in Israel. Suicide bombings, rockets from Gaza, tunnels dug into Israel -- ‎when Israel responds with countermeasures to one form of terror, others are ‎introduced. Using automobiles to slam into pedestrians has been tried before, but ‎now seems to have become a more popular tactic. Stabbing Israelis does not kill as ‎many people as quickly as suicide bombings, but draws a weaker response from ‎Israel and a far weaker rebuke from the West. 

You really shouldn't be, (ahem), killing all those Jews, guys.

Obama - If he is not aligned with the enemy, he is at the very least, a sympathizer. 


  1. I don't know why American Jews love Obama so deeply, but they obviously do. A big piece of his fund raising in both California and New York comes from those very people he so obviously despises.

  2. However, their support of him is starting to show signs of strain.

  3. There are two kinds of Jews in America: those who are pro-Zion, and those who are indifferent or worse to Israel - the secular ethnic supremacists who just want to keep using Hitler as a cudgel against the Goy in order to further their pursuit of money and power in America. No mystery as to why the second group would vote Democrat.

    1. To me, it's a mystery why anyone would vote Democrat.