Toyota Truck is Fixed!!!!

I did it.  After four weekends wrestling with demons, I finally fixed the son of a bitch and not a moment too soon. 

Well, I didn't do it all by myself.  I'd like to thank:

Mike Schoon - Who sent his son-in-law and some of his buddies down over to my place.  In five minutes, they found a problem that I overlooked.  Because of them I was able to actually get the truck running and discover all the other things that were wrong with it.

Mike's son in law and his buddies -  I'd mention their names, but I never even got to see or talk to them.  They came to my place while I was at work, found the main problem, fixed it, and left before the hot exhaust pipes even stopped ticking on their truck.  I've got to ask Mike for their names and numbers so I can thank them personally.  Maybe buy them a case of beer or something.

D.J. at Just Answer - He kept working with me, long after this whole thing was worth his time or money.

Phil, from The Vulgar Curmudgeon - Who was the only one who responded to my post for help.  He had some excellent suggestions as he tried to help me solve my problems.

If I forgot to thank anyone, I will add their names as they come to my attention.


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    1. Dirty injectors, mostly. I'll update this post one more time with all the info. I greatly appreciate all you did to help me. You were the only one who responded to my request for help. Thank you. I'll remember that.