Ramos Goes Gruber

I saw this at truth revolt, and immediately noticed something that raised some questions in my mind.  I checked the comments to see if anyone else had the same thoughts, but I didn’t see anything.  It seems so obvious to me.  Am I the only one who made the connection and came up with same questions?  Read the following story (especially the parts highlighted in yellow), and see if the same questions come to you.

Univision's Ramos To Journalists: 'Stop Pretending We're Neutral'

'We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.'

Univision's Jorge Ramos was presented the Burton Benjamin Memorial Award for "lifetime achievement in defending press freedom" Tuesday at the 2014 Committee to Protect Journalists International Press Freedom Awards.
During his speech before the group of journalists and media executives, Ramos made the case for journalists to drop the facade of impartiality and to use their voices and influence not just to inform but as activists to change policy:
"The best of journalism happens when we take a stand: when we question those who are in power, when we confront the politicians who abuse their authority, when we denounce an injustice," Ramos said. "The best of journalism happens when we side with the victims, with the most vulnerable, with those who have no rights. The best of journalism happens when we, purposely, stop pretending that we are neutral and recognize that we have a moral obligation to tell truth to power."
The Huffington Post reports that the journalist many consider to be one of the most influential in America used the Iraq war as an example of what journalists should do with their power:
"Sadly, we stayed silent before the war in Iraq and thousands of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraq civilians died unnecessarily," he continued. "We have to learn from that. Silence is the worst sin in journalism. But the best is when journalism becomes a way of doing justice and speaking truth to power."
Ramos pointed to a quote by the great Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel to bring his point home: “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Would you like to ask Ramos these questions?:
Then, why aren’t the vast majority of journalists overt conservatives?
  • Who is in power right now?
  • Which politician is blatantly abusing his power, right now?
  • Why aren’t most journalists speaking truth to him, right now?
  • Who’s rights are being trampled on, right now?
  • Who’s concerns and desires are being completely ignored, right now?
The truth here is, that Ramos isn’t concerned about any of the things he claims to be concerned about.  He is only concerned with promoting liberalism, and thus, destroying everything that made this country great.  He is too stupid to look at other countries that have gone down the path he suggests we follow, and see the ultimate destination, but he still thinks that he is smarter than all of us.  
Everyone was so shocked by the comments by Jonathan Gruber, but liberals have always been this way.  The don’t admit (and never will admit), that they’re wrong, but through their arrogance, they readily reveal their disingenuousness, ulterior motives, dishonesty, and their belief that all of the rest of us are too stupid to notice.

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